What types of Wigs are suitable for your use?

Wigs come in a variety of styles. The first major distinction is whether you choose a synthetic or natural hair wig. Furthermore, wigs may be classified into different types based on how they are made.

Human hair wig or synthetic hair wig

When purchasing a wig, you must first decide whether you want a wig made of real hair or one made of synthetic fibers. Both varieties offer advantages that you should be aware of in order to make the best choice. However, before making your decision, you should constantly consider the drawbacks.

Styling and grooming

If you choose a wig made of genuine hair, you may care for and style your new hair in the same manner you do your original hair. This might be a benefit or a drawback depending on your point of view. Because a synthetic hair wig does not need to be coiffed as much as a human hair bob wig because it always returns to its natural condition after washing. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, should be styled at least a bit if they are washed, much like your actual hair.

Wigs made of real hair can also be coloured. Human hair wigs are primarily made with hair from Asia, which is often thicker and more durable than hair from European women. Not only that, but only hair that has never been chemically processed is utilized in human hair wigs. This indicates they’ve never been coloured or permed. If you choose a wig made of real hair, dyeing it should not be an issue because it is done only before the wig is manufactured at the most.

What types of Wigs are suitable for your use?
What types of Wigs are suitable for your use?

Human hair wigs with permanent waves or long-term straightening are likewise no issue, but should be done by a professional. Curlers in particular require caution: if you use curlers with barbed hooks, which you may do frequently on your natural hair, they may become tangled in the hair and rip it when you remove it from the kit. That would be incredibly inconvenient, as tying this hair back into the clothing would require a lot of work. As a result, using curlers without hooks or having more complicated hairstyles fashioned by a hairdresser is needed.

The majority of synthetic hair wigs do not tolerate or do not respond well to the treatments suggested. Hair substitutes consisting of synthetic fibers, on the whole, cannot be dyed. Because synthetic hair, which you can purchase on the market or in specialty stores, does not take color. As a result, you must choose a hue ahead of time.

There will be no curls this way, but the wig will be irreversibly damaged in the worst case scenario. However, if you want a curly wig made of synthetic hair, you may certainly acquire one. You must select whether you want curls or not before purchasing; you cannot change your mind later.

Price and durability

For both types of wigs, general judgments concerning longevity and pricing are impossible to make. As a result, we’ll explain how these two groups differ in most cases: Synthetic hair wigs are typically more costly than real hair wigs. Because human hair must be purchased, processed, and imported. Artificial fibers can be created more inexpensively in most circumstances, yet there are some very costly wigs made from artificial fibers as well.

Human hair wigs can last one to one and a half years on average. Most synthetic hair wigs have a much shorter lifespan, ranging from four to six months in most cases. There are, of course, certain exceptions.

If you require a wig as a permanent hair replacement, such as after chemotherapy or severe hair loss, you should quickly evaluate which option is the most cost-effective: a lower price with a shorter shelf life or a higher price with a longer shelf life.

Sewn or knotted is a term used to describe how something is put together

The hair is machine-sewn onto the wefts if they are used for wigs. These wigs appear unnatural the majority of the time. Carnival wigs are the only ones that have this sort of preparation.

Hand-knotted wigs provide a stark contrast. These are of exceptional quality and cost a lot of money to acquire, but they look the most like real scalp hair lace closure. There are other permutations of these two types: a hand-knotted mix of weft and monofilament, partial monofilament, or monofilament and parting. The sort of wig you should get is totally dependent on how you want to wear it.

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