Wondering how to Perfect a Video Marketing Strategy? Read Up!

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A video marketing strategy can truly work wonders toward making or breaking a brand. When done right, it can spell immense success for the product or service. Ideally, you should start by hiring a Long Island videography specialist who can come up with good videos that make a mark! 

Ideally, your service provider for videography in Long Island should begin with perfecting a strategy first. The execution will depend on how well the strategy has been created. 


Begin by Setting Goals 

The very first step would be to outline the goals of the video. Ideally, there should be a video representing every single stage of the marketing funnel. Goal setting can be further broken down into many steps including:


  • Awareness: This is where either an opportunity or a challenge is defined. Now the viewer realizes that there is a problem and this is where the brand would also be introduced as a solution. 
  • Consideration: Now that the viewer knows that there is a problem, he or she is now considering how to solve it. He will possibly research now and look for suggestions, ask for recommendations, start watching product reviews, and so on. He marketing agency in dallas will now proceed toward seeking cost-effective solutions. 
  • Decision Making: This is when the solution has been found and you now aim to keep yours on the top of the list. You need to present yourself with valid proof of customer satisfaction and also provide testimonials as to why the service or product should be picked over the competition. 

Ideally, there should be different videos for each stage! The first one would be to attract customers so that they sit up and take note! The second one would be to engage the audience and the third one would be close the sale and complete the decision-making process. 

Getting to Know your Target Audience 

Knowing your target audience is of course of paramount importance before you can plan any video marketing initiatives. Ask yourself the following questions to arrive at conclusions:

  • What is your product or service meant for? This will determine the buyer’s persona. You will know exactly who your buyer is once you arrive at a specific answer to the above question. 
  • What is the purpose of this marketing video? This will depend on the position they are in with respect to the marketing funnel. It could be attraction, consideration, or decision making. 
  • Where can you find your target audience? This will determine the geographics of the area where the video should be targeted or distributed. 

Once these questions are answered you would not only know who your target audience is but would also understand how to address them! 

Whether it is about wedding videography in Long Island or about videography marketing, it is important to tell a story. Long Island wedding videography and marketing videography specialists must have the basic framework of a story on the basis of conflict, quest, and resolution! Using these parameters they should be able to create a tale that resonates with the target audience that matters. 

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