Wedding Ring Types You Must Check Out

Getting hitched to your twin flame can be the best thing that can happen to anyone. And if you’re lucky enough to tie knots with the person you love, you should seal the moment with some stunningly beautiful rings. The dainty-looking bands on fingers can do an excellent job of marking the beginning of a beautiful journey. While the wedding ring options are vast, there are some special ring types that look splendid for weddings.

If you’re soon to get married or engaged, you deserve to have the most stunning ring, and so does your spouse. So to make your work easier, we’ve listed down some of the best types of rings ideal for weddings and engagements. Check out the options shared below, and pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Types of Wedding Rings

Before you go to a jewelry store, make sure you know the different types of wedding rings. This way, you’ll make the whole process a lot easier and can save time for other wedding matters.

Flat Wedding Bands

Who said simple-looking wedding bands don’t look good on couples? Flat wedding bands are known for their clean, sleek, and sophisticated design. These bands are perfect for couples who don’t like flashy rings, yet don’t want to settle for anything less.

As the name clearly suggests, these rings feature a flat top, and resembles the look of a pipe. It is for this reason some even call is the pipe rings. These rings have a contemporary look and feel to it, and are perfect for anyone who loves simple rings exuding high-end vibes.

Wedding Ring Types You Must Check Out
Wedding Ring Types You Must Check Out

The Golden Rush

The list can never be really complete without including golden rings. The best part of gold wedding rings is the availability of options. You can find rings made of gold featuring various eye-catchy designs. Even the ring material options can be picked based on your preference.

For example, you can pick rose gold rings for your wedding; if you feel yellow gold rings are too mainstream. Golden rings also come with attached precious gemstones, but the ones without gemstones are also easily available. You just have to visit the right jewellery retailer and look for more options.

Eternity and Half-Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is a lovely choice if you prefer something a bit unique. Such rings feature an infinite circle of diamonds or other gemstones, signifying an unending love. Its distinctive design is perfect for any engagement ring. While that is the case, it’s often paired with a solitaire ring, which produces a stunning display of glitter.

On the other hand, half-eternity rings are just as what the name suggests. Only half of the ring is made to look like eternity loops. Most half-eternity rings have beautiful diamonds on either side of the band. It is a little less flashy than an eternity ring but still ideal for someone who likes a little bit of glitter.

Color-Accent Rings

Accent stones offer a wedding ring a unique and personalized feel and are the ideal addition. Royal sapphires are a great addition to clear white diamond rings. The blueness of this stone enhances the pure white diamonds’ brilliance and adds a distinct appeal to the piece. You can place the sapphires on either side of your center diamond wedding ring.

The Classic Wedding Ring – The Diamond Rings

For those who love to stick to timeless ring pieces, diamond rings should be the go-to option. Diamonds have always been the default ring type that couples choose for their wedding. These stones can last a lifetime as long as you take good care of them. For this reason, it often symbolizes the couples’ eternal love for each other.

The best part about diamond rings is their impressively vast and diverse range of options. When it comes to diamond rings, people instantly think of solitaire rings for weddings.

While it is a good choice, you have many other options to choose from. If you want to flaunt a ring that is classis, timeless, and unique, look for rings featuring colored diamonds. You can easily find intricately designed rings featuring diamonds having yellow hues, red hues, pink hues, etc.

 Wedding Ring Wraps & Guards

Possessing a distinct yet gorgeous look, these earrings give tough competition to the above-mentioned ring types for your wedding. These rings feature pave diamonds set in a sturdy wrap frame, exuding stellar aesthetics. The ring got its name from the wrap frame that securely and beautifully wraps the small pave diamonds. You can also find these rings featuring other precious jewels, like ruby, emerald, etc. But they will fall on the high-end side, so look for those options if your budget allows.

Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Ring Style

With all these wedding ring options available, it’s hard to find something that fits you. Here are some tips to help you get started on your hunt for the perfect wedding ring style.

  • It Should Match Your Lifestyle

Remember that you’ll be wearing your wedding ring every day for the rest of your life. If you want something fancy, go for an eternity ring with diamond embellishments. If you have an active lifestyle, then get a ring with a thinner band. Make sure the one you select fits your lifestyle and is both comfortable and practical.

  • Get the Right Ring Size

Your wedding ring should fit your ring finger just right. You can visit a jewelry shop with your fiance and have each of your ring fingers measured. Any jeweler can provide you with this kind of service for free, and it only takes a few minutes. They will also advise you on what ring size you should get. 

But if going to the store isn’t possible, there are other ways to find out your ring size.

  • Make Sure You Know How Much the Wedding Ring Weighs

Due to several factors, it is typical for wedding rings to weigh differently. Even though two rings have the same design and appearance, their weights can differ. On average, wedding rings weigh roughly 4 grams. But, it varies based on the ring shape, thickness, size, and material it is made of. 


It is worth noting that men’s rings are often heavier than women’s. Nevertheless, you should follow your comfort and preferences. Since you will be wearing the ring every day, you must be comfortable wearing it. If you’re not, there’s a chance that you will misplace it when you take it off.

  • Consider Your Budget

Lastly, the wedding ring you choose should be within your budget. While it’s nice to have diamond rings for your wedding, they can put a dent in your wallet. 

Different factors determine the value of a wedding ring. This includes the stone engraved on the ring and the wedding band itself. The value of the gemstone depends on factors such as color, clarity, cut, and carat.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of wedding rings to choose from. If you’re not yet sure which type to buy for your wedding, take this article as a guide. It’s better to plan ahead of time than to choose the wrong one to wear for the rest of your marriage.

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