Perfect set of blue light glasses for gamers

Are you a professional player? Then we are in with an offer you cannot refuse, you must have heard of the gaming glasses and if not then we are right here to inform you. 

As a professional gamer, there are several aspects one must consider while entering the field. And we want to tell you that we are in complete solidarity with the gamers society. Even if you are not among the professional ones. 

When it comes to gamers and gaming, they do not perform like other professions. It’s something that is done at any time of the day without breaks for hours. This means that one might not be able to take total rest or break in between. That has several effects on your health, especially when it comes to your eyes. 

The effects on the eyes 

As said before there is the regular usage of eyes when it comes to gaming, the worst part about the part is that one might not be able to enjoy their game if the constant issue persists in their eyes. 

This even includes the effects of the blue light. The blue is the part of the visible light spectrum permitted from both natural light, that is the sun, and artificial source the digital screens. 

Now, in this digital age, we spend most of our time in front of the screen, so there is zero escape from the blue light emitted from these screens. We do take breaks in between while we are working, but what about gaming. As said these are among the continuous works that do not have breaks in between. 

This makes the blue light exposure constant and over for hours. Well, limited exposure to blue light is considered to be better as it helps in memory boosting and even increased attention span but over-exposure has its ill effects as well. 

The ill effects of the blue light 

Well, your gaming heaven might have been disrupted by the amount of blue light that enters your eyes. This causes excessive eye strain and even fatigue, the worst part about it is that it even affects or decreases productivity at work. 

This is one thing that is extensively effective when it comes to blue light exposure. 

Apart from that, another issue that causes extreme issues are dry eyes, this is caused when one spends the majority of the time looking at the screen. In such a situation one forgets to blink which makes it itchy and extremely red. 

Well, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room, your circadian rhythm. You must be well aware of the fact that extensive exposure to blue light is able to alter your sleep cycle. The blue light sends in the signal as if it’s morning when one uses digital screens at night. This is the reason that most of you don’t feel sleepy when you start using your digital screens at night and you keep scrolling till the morning light breaks out. 

How to prevent the situation?

Well, we are super glad that you have agreed to address the elephant in the room. For gamers you have to do nothing but buy gaming glasses, the gaming glasses are power packed with anti-blue light lenses, these lenses are able to effectively block the blue rays from entering the eyes. This also helps in increasing productivity at work as well. 

If you are the one struggling with the dry eyes situation, well what you can do is consult an expert if the situation is grave and take necessary help. One can also try to blink in between while looking at the screen. 

Now, it is time for you to take control of your circadian rhythm and we usually suggest avoiding using digital screens at night or even in dim light conditions. And if it is an emergency situation and one requires to use their screen then it is usually recommended to switch to the night mode on the screen and wear their anti-blue light lenses. For you gamers who are working hard late at night, you can wear your blue light glasses regularly. This will not affect your sleep cycle and will maintain a positive work environment right at your work. 

Types of glasses to be used 

If you are looking for the glasses to best go with the anti-blue light lenses, then we are here with a few suggestions to consider.

Round glasses- A shape that is never out of style, round sunglasses are the exact pick that will make you charm the mist.  

Tortoiseshell glasses- A combination of the best colours and unique patterns, these are made to go perfect with every outfit.

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