Are you thinking of buying an apartment? It is important to consider the kind of property you’d like to live in, since it can directly or indirectly impact your everyday life. We’ve often heard our parents advise us to buy an apartment that is located on the floor below, or on the floor that is not higher than the second or third.

While some people prefer to live in high-rises however, a low-rise construction is a different kind of building with its own appeal and advantages.

The LIV MB is a brand-new launch condominium development that is located in Arthur Road, District 15, Singapore.

Nobody likes getting stuck in elevators.

As children it’s effortless to race between floors and up to floor. However, as we age it gets more difficult. Instead of being controlled by elevators, we’d like the convenience of simply walking in and out when and as often as we’d like.

Safer Escape in Emergency Situations

A taller building is home to an increased density of people. This can cause problems when there is an emergency or a danger. In the event of, for example the aftermath of a fire is not an easy job because people are prone to panic and swiftly evacuate everyone within the building is very challenging. Living in a low-rise building allows you ample time and space to exit the building without difficulty.

Higher Resale Value                        

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, you’ll be able to receive a better price for a building with a low rise. The possibility of price appreciation is also greater for low-rise buildings.

Less Maintenance Cost

Low-rise structures have lesser maintenance expenses for the developers and residents.

More resilient to natural impacts

A low-rise structure is more resistant to earthquakes. In addition, lifts rarely perform at times of natural disasters, therefore in a low-rise structure it’s easier and quicker to get into an area of safety.

Balanced Temperature & Less Energy Consumption

A low-rise structure will ensure that your residence is protected from pleasant weather. Temperatures drop as the building gets higher and the average speed of wind increases. Therefore, buildings that are taller are more susceptible to intense winds as well as more hours of direct sunlight. This means that the use of energy to cool and heat is also increasing when we climb higher.

Community living

We all desire a little privacy in our lives however, it’s not much enjoyable if we don’t have some friends in the building , who can also assist in emergencies. A low-rise property, in addition to giving you enough privacy, lets you socialize more easily because of the smaller space.

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