How To Find Roles as a Voiceover Artist

When you work in an industry like the voiceover industry, you might find it hard to find reliable jobs. However, voiceover artists can earn a living through freelance work. A talented voice actor can avail themselves of a wide range of job opportunities if they look in the right places.

Today, voiceover artists can easily find a job, thanks to the internet. As a voiceover artist, you can join various talent hunt websites, apply for online auditions, and lead your career on the right path. If you are looking for ways to find roles as a voiceover artist, you are at the right place. In this post, you will find effective techniques to find voice actor jobs.

VoiceOver Demo

Creating a voiceover demo is a very technical, artistic, and personal process. You can consult with a recording agency and create demos in a professional studio, or purchase recording instruments and record at home. When it comes to making a voiceover demo, you should ensure the quality.

A good quality voiceover demo can lead you to success in the industry. That said, if the quality is poor, you will get rejections quite often. Your demo will serve as a first impression so you should create high-quality demos.

VoiceOver Artists’ Network

If you are enthusiastic about becoming a voiceover artist, you can create a network of voiceover artists. For that, you need to communicate with other artists. If you got training for your talent from an institution, you might find a bunch of voiceover actors from there. Otherwise, you browse artists on the internet. Many voiceover artists share videos on social media to show their talent, you can approach them for collaboration.

You can create a powerful referral network for voiceover artists on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. When you are in a community, you get moral support and kindred spirits. Besides, online communities, you can find voice actors at conferences and meetups.

Social Media Platform

Today, web presence is highly important to highlight your talent. You might have seen many singers, musicians, and fashion bloggers on the internet. They have thousands of followers and likes. Why don’t you create your talent profile on social media platforms such as Instagram?

Many talent hunt teams look for voiceover artists on social media platforms. If you didn’t you can become an influencer and promote your talent on other platforms as well. For instance, if you start a YouTube channel, you can earn a significant amount of money through this platform.

Talent Websites

There are many websites on the internet to promote talent. These platforms connect talented people such as singers, musicians, and even voiceover artists with clients. You can search on Google for these websites. Simply, register with these sites, create an online portfolio, and find amazing voice-acting opportunities.


The above-mentioned techniques are effective to find clients. If you want new job opportunities for roles as a voiceover artist, you should ensure your presence on various online platforms. You can also send emails to various businesses that you think might hire you. You should attach your audio and video demos in your emails.

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