Life Is Unpredictable So Make Sure to Prepare for It.

Need of personal accident policy

Though the idea of Personal Accident Policy may seem weird to you but trust us this is one of the most common insurance policy these days not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. As life is full of questions you don’t know what is coming your way.

Thus, it is extremely important that you can do whatever you can to overcome the harshness of life and a way of doing it is taking an insurance policy that make sure that you are safe in any case of mishap. Accidents are one of the most common things that could happen.

Now many people associate word accident with only traffic or auto mobile accident, but there are many other types of accidents that can occur. For instance, if you work with machinery at your work place you could suffer from work related accident or accident could happen while you are out on a picnic.

Long story short accidents can happen anytime and anywhere regardless of where you are. So, in such a situation it is better that you have personal accident policy that can cover all the cost of your medical bills or else can compensate you for your loss.

Newly established policy

There are many insurance policies which you may have heard of in Pakistan. Some common policies include car insurance, life insurance, medical or health insurance, but you may have never heard of about personal accident policy. Well this is because it is one of the few policies that recently came in lime light.

Basically, the concept of this new policy is like any other policy that is to provide you relief that you have something to rely on. As the name indicates this policy is totally based on accidents. In life insurance or other kind of health insurances you can have the money in case of only life threatening problem or situation, but with this policy will cover every minor to big all kinds of accidents that you could think of. Thus, in the manner of scope it is one of the best policies that is being introduced so far.

Personal Accident Policy
Personal Accident Policy

There are very few insurance companies that are offering this wonderful insurance policy. Among those few comet insurance is the company that is offering this remarkable insurance policy to their customers. Still as it is a new policy people have their own insecurities about it. However, we can assure you that you won’t regret after taking this insurance policy as it is kind of an aid package that you generate for yourself beforehand for the time of need. So, put all your worries at rest and get benefit from this wholesome insurance policy of ours.

What’s included and not included in personal accident policy?

Personal accidental policy is a whole package on its own. Though its clauses vary from policy to policy and company to company but some of the few include the detailed monetary coverage of all kind of accidents. These accidents may include unfortunate injuries, disabilities, death due to some external cause etc.

In short you can have the benefits of life insurance as well as medical insurance in a single policy. People in general have a misconception that accident policy will cover the traffic accidents only but this is not the case accident is defined as any unfortunate injury, disability or death due to some unforeseen event. On the basis of this definition our accident policy includes various benefits for you.

They cover all major and minor accidents for you. However, there are scenarios where accident policy doesn’t compensate you and learning those situations is equally important. Any kind of disability or even death that occurs while doing some adventurous sport is not included in this policy.

Also any preexisting condition that would elevate due to some kind of mishap won’t be taken into account in accident policy. And last but most important any kind of legal liability that may fall over you because of accident won’t be covered by accident policy.

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