Understanding The Different Type Of Fabrics In Create Fabrics

Different types of fabrics can be used in every textile or clot but every fabric contains different types of fibers. It is because fabrics are materials made by entwining fibers together. Fabrics are also considered where the fibers originated from. There are ways to differentiate fabric detail, there is the production process that s used and the fibers that are used in the making of the fabrics.

There is a fabrics supplier where you can buy different types of fabrics that you want to use for your design and such. In the fibers that are used in making the fabrics, there are Natural fibers that came from plants and animals and there are also synthetic fibers that are created by man. There are fabrics with the production process it depends on how much yarn or how the fabrics are created. 

Here were will be talking more about the fibers used in the making of the fabrics for us to understand more different types of fabrics that we can use or were already using in our daily lives. 

Man-made fabrics


We should know first the fabrics that are made by us fabrics. With this, we already have an idea of how creative humans are. Three types of fabrics are made man-made. There is Vinyl, Rayon, and fiberglass. In every fabric they have their capabilities Just like in fiberglass, most fiber glasses are double it is because of their flame-retardant, and most fiberglass fabrics are used for outdoor sport or outdoor design due to their harnesses and sails. 

This type of fabric is a versatile one it is widely used and it is lightweight, flowy, and doesn’t wrinkle easily it is because Rayon fabric is artificial silk. Rayon isn’t expensive unlike silk but the disadvantage with this fabric is that it’s not that durable. Lastly, the Vinyl fabric is the most exceptional because its mostly used for curtains, pillowcases, bedsheets, etc. This type of fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily and it is stain resistant which is much recommended in most. 

Natural fibers


If there are man-made fibers there are also natural fibers that came from plants and animals. Mostly natural fibers have the biggest advantage due to their naturality. There are types of fabrics made from plants such as cotton, linen, and Jute. While wool and silk fabrics are made from animals. Wool fabrics are rich in color and a great insulator, this type of fabric is commonly used in the winter season due to the warmth that it gives. Silk fabrics are popular in making luxurious clothing and textile, even if this type of fabric is expensive it is still soft, lightweight, and durable that making people like it. 

Linen and cotton are both popular in people in the textile industry, both are versatile and affordable. their difference is that cotton is soft, durable, and lightweight meanwhile linen fabrics are valuable in hot and humid areas or seasons for the breathable and coolness that it gives but both fabrics are easy to handle and durable. Meanwhile, Jute is are more made for the placements, rugs, bath runners, etc. It is also durable and rich texture.

The production process

In the production process, two types of fabrics are included here it is the woven fabrics and knit fabrics. It’s the woven fabric and the knit fabrics. Woven fabric is made with two pieces of yarn, the reason why most woven fabric isn’t that stretchable. Meanwhile, in knit fabrics, the yarn that’s used is formed into an interconnecting loop design. In this way, we could also understand different types of fabrics on how we can use them.


In understanding different types of fabrics to create fabrics is that to understand the fibers that are used in making fabrics for you to understand their capabilities and disadvantages in making. With this, it can help you a lot in deciding on what type of fabrics to use in your house or in any place you want to put textiles. 

We also need to understand the process of the product but still understanding the fiber used is more sufficient for you to know why there is some point that those type of fabrics is suitable for that season only or why is it suitable in those places. Read more articles on the quiz.

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