Amazon Daily Quiz 7 April 2022

Welcome to the Amazon Daily Quiz! In this series, we will be giving you a quiz every day for the next week. This quiz is designed to help you learn more about the Amazon marketplace and how to use it to your advantage. Today’s quiz is about the Amazon Daily Deals section. We want to know what kind of products you are interested in purchasing on a daily basis and how you plan on using the Amazon Daily Deals section to find them. GOOD LUCK!

What’s new in the Amazon Daily Quiz app?

In the Amazon Daily Quiz app, we’ve added a new quiz question every day! Check out today’s question and answer to see what you need to know.

What is the capital of Belarus?


Today’s quiz: What word describes a group of plants that grow near water?

What word describes a group of plants that grow near water?


Today’s quiz: What color is the sky usually during the day?

The sky is usually a light blue color during the day.

Today’s quiz: What is a mineral found mostly in rocks and soils?

What is a mineral found mostly in rocks and soils?

A mineral is a crystalline form of an element that has been isolated from its environment. The most common minerals are found in rocks and soils. Minerals can be divided into two categories, primary and secondary. Primary minerals are found in the earth’s crust and form the foundation of mountains, while secondary minerals are created by environmental processes such as weathering.

What are Amazon Daily Quiz?

Amazon Daily Quiz is a fun way to learn about Amazon products. Each day there is a new quiz with questions about Amazon products. After completing the quiz, you can earn discounts and rewards on Amazon products.

How to take the quiz?

How to take the quiz?

To take the quiz, simply sign in to your Amazon account and access the quiz from the home page. You can also find the quiz on our blog homepage. After taking the quiz, you’ll receive feedback that will help you learn more about yourself.

The results of the quiz!

What was the first animal to be domesticated?

A. a mouse
B. a dog
C. a cow
D. a pig


Today’s quiz is all about the future of Amazon. What do you think will be Amazon’s biggest rival in the coming years? Let us know in the comments below!

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