9 Simple Tips for Improving Your Shoe Game

Did you know that many people judge a person by their shoes after the first time meeting them? Shoes play a large role in a person’s perception of you, which gives even more reason to step up your game. If you want to impress people and feel more confident while walking, there are a couple of tips to follow. Continue reading to discover the best ways to upgrade your shoe game and look good!

  1. Toss Out Old Pairs 

One of the first steps in upgrading your shoe game is to get rid of your old and beat-up shoes. Take a look in your closet— do you have pairs of shoes that are falling apart or unable to get cleaned? It is time to make the decision and toss them if there is no redemption. This will open up your closet space for newer additions and let you know what needs to be replaced.

  1. Keep Your Shoes Clean

If you have a habit of going out and getting your shoes dirty, take the time to clean them up. Many people recommend wiping down famous shoes and brands that cost you a lot of money to buy. This will keep them looking brand new even after a couple of years. Maintaining the cleanliness of your shoes will also help make your pairs last longer and it won’t be as difficult to get out stains.

9 Simple Tips for Improving Your Shoe Game
9 Simple Tips for Improving Your Shoe Game
  1. Buy a Variety of Sneakers

There are many types of sneakers that you will want to have in your closet. Casual walking sneakers are great for simple outfits and can even look well with cute summer dresses. You should also consider getting some of the best basketball shoes for when you want to head to the court for a game.

Running shoes will be essential if you want your feet to be prepared for anything. There are many types of sneakers that you can view here!

  1. Get Your Feet Measured

How many times have you bought a pair of shoes only to realize that they are uncomfortable? Getting your feet measured by someone at a shoe store or with a measuring tool can make a big difference in your comfort. Many people get the wrong shoe size because their feet haven’t been measured in years.

Another common problem is that people don’t consider their foot width. Getting shoes that properly fit will help upgrade your shoe game and save you money.

  1. Give Your Shoes a Break

If you wear the same shoes every day, it might be time to give them a break. Wearing the same shoes each day can lead to bacteria growth and bad odors. When the soles of the shoes become wet and don’t fully dry, they can deteriorate quickly.

Let your shoes, slippers, and boots fully dry before wearing them again. This will prevent them from smelling and going bad. Put your shoes in a well-ventilated area until all moisture is gone to improve your shoe game.

  1. Try Different Brands 

Trying different brands of shoes will help you grow your shoe selection and find the most reliable options. Many people stick with the same brands of shoes because of the quality and styles that they offer. It is good to try other brands so that you can grow your selection and find the differences between each company.

Trying different brands will expose you to various materials and comfort levels. Sometimes people think that they are wearing the most comfortable shoes, but don’t realize that there are better options out there.

  1. Cover the Basics

When it comes to stocking your closet with the best shoes, you will want to ensure that you have the basics covered. Everyone should have a good pair of sneakers for casual outings. They should also have supportive running shoes for their walks and jogs around the neighborhood.

Depending on where you live, you should also invest in a comfortable pair of sandals for the warmer months. A variety of stylish and warm boots will also be needed if you live in the northern states and deal with snow. Men should also consider getting a reliable pair of dress shoes and women should also get heels or simple flats. By covering these basics, you will have shoes for every event that comes up.

  1. Give Yourself a Budget

Having shoes is essential, however, some people can get carried away if they aren’t careful. By giving yourself a shoe budget, you can prevent yourself from overspending or buying too many shoes that you won’t wear. Having a full closet of shoes means nothing if they aren’t going to be worn because of discomfort or not needing them.

Do your best to consider how often you need shoes and a reasonable price you are willing to pay. This will help keep your spending and shoe habits under control.

  1. Shop Around

There are many shoe department stores and retail stores that specialize in shoes. Shopping around to each store can help you save money and find the best options for your feet. Although internet shopping can be risky when it comes to buying shoes, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Many people recommend looking at outlet stores like Nike Outlet or Nordstrom Rack for excellent options. Even stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls have name brands to choose from!

Improve Your Shoe Game

If you want to improve your shoe game, there are a couple of areas that you will want to focus on. By utilizing this guide, you can find the best types of sneakers, boots, and fashion shoes. Instead of overlooking all of the shoes in your closet, you will have the best pairs that you actually wear.

People will be able to quickly notice you based on your shoes and have a great perception. Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about wearing shoes that look good and being stylish!

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