How to Dress Classy: A Style Guide for Women

If you’re anything like most women, you likely have about $1000-2500 worth of clothes sitting in your closet. This may sound like a lot, but it makes sense when you consider the outfits you need for every occasion. Being classy is an important part of looking great as a woman in all settings, so investing in classic and stylish outfits is a no-brainer.

Here, we’re going to talk about how to dress classy and what you should do to give your wardrobe a boost. Read on to learn how you can overhaul the clothes that currently gather dust in the back of your wardrobe and replace them with gorgeous and timeless outfits.

Research Current Trends and Style Tips

Keeping up to date on recent fashion trends is important for being classy. If you look like you’re dressing with trends that died two years ago, people will think that you’re outdated and don’t care about your wardrobe. It won’t matter how much you like your outfit because sloppiness- even perceived sloppiness- lacks class.

Look into trends before you decide to look for clothes that you like. Whether you like professional boyfriend jackets with oversized shoulder pads or pastel-colored button-downs, you can find outfits that fall into these trends easily.

Decide on a Personal Style

Once you know some of the most common trends in 2021, you should determine what your personal style is. You can then find outfits that match who you are while still looking trendy.

Ask yourself: do you prefer to look more mysterious and wear dark hues? Do you want to appear radiant with bright colors and pastels paired with neutral tones? Do you prefer monochromatic, analogous, or contrasting color schemes?

You can then head over to Pinterest and find outfits that you like. This will give you a guide as to what you should look for at both online and in-person retailers.

Make sure that every outfit that you select fits your personal tastes and brand. If you don’t like something, you’re never going to wear it. Return it or exchange it immediately for something that you like better.

Consider the Occasions You Need to Dress For

We don’t usually think of ourselves this way, but people are social chameleons. We have a face that we put on for work, another one we use with our friends, and one that we save for partners. All of these are parts of who you are, and all of them deserve to be celebrated with an outfit that represents that self authentically.

This means that you need to get special outfits for every one of these occasions. Make sure that you look at trends for all situations. Think about how you can add some of your personal flair to professional trends and how to look put together when dressed casually.

Make sure that you focus on getting outfits for all facets of your life. Budget accordingly. Don’t just drop hundreds of dollars on power suits- make sure that you save some for the faces that you show your friends, family, and loved ones, too.

Choose High-Quality Clothes

No matter what clothes you choose, make sure that they’re of high quality. Nothing is nearly as tacky as an outfit that’s worn or faded, and low-quality clothes tend to become this way quickly. Additionally, low-quality clothes that are in good shape can still be identified as cheap due to their style or fabric.

If you’re worried that quality is too expensive for your budget, don’t fear! There are ways that you can overcome this.

Your best bet is likely to look at used designer clothes online. Many places sell nice outfits inexpensively and will show their condition clearly in images. Assuming that you know your size, this is a solid option.

Another way to get awesome¬†women’s fashion items is to go to a discount store. Sometimes you’ll find some great items while thrifting, but this isn’t the only way to find clothes. Stores like Ross and TJ Maxx sell high-quality designer clothes are extremely low prices.

f you're anything like most women, you likely have about $1000-2500 worth of clothes sitting in your closet.

Get a Variety of Outfits

The first thing to remember is that classy women invest in staple outfits first. These staples are important because you will wear them often on many types of occasions. They’re versatile and you can therefore justify spending more money on them.

The greatest staple of them all is a little black dress. This trend was first pioneered by Coco Chanel, and she’s the classiest woman of all. Today, women love to wear this staple on tons of different occasions: to first dates, as wedding guests, and even to the workplace with appropriate accessories.

You also will want to select mid-length dresses in multiple different simple colors. Black isn’t the only color that you want to show off, after all. A red that matches with classic lipstick or a blue that brings out your eyes is another must-have.

Get a few pairs of simple jeans in dark denim and a pair of boots, booties, and sneakers that fit you well. Make sure that nothing, neither dresses nor pants are too revealing. After all, you want to look classy!

You can then start to select other outfits that match your personal brand. Get a power suit or a pencil skirt in your favorite color. Choose a jacket that matches the stone of your favorite necklace/earrings combo.

Remember that femininity is powerful. You can look amazing in any classy outfit as long as you rock it confidently.

Select Accessories That Work

Choosing beautiful jewelry doesn’t need to make a huge dent in your pocket. offers a ton of different pieces for as low as $6. These pieces are made to last, too, so you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

Many are made from wholesale sterling silver that goes with any outfit on any occasion. However, you can also purchase styles in gold, bronze, or multiple tones from their website. Add in the fact that they offer many different gemstone options in different pieces and you’re ready to shop for classy accessories that work for you.

When selecting rings, necklaces, and earrings, consider what you actually like and will wear. Even if something is attractive, you’ll probably just leave it sitting in a box if it doesn’t match your personal tastes.

Use jewelry to express what you like and are interested in. A two-toned bee ring or floral necklace is awesome if you like these natural styles. However, if you like animals, you may like a turtle ring or a pawprint charm that reminds you of your pet.

These limitless possibilities also apply to other accessories such as scarves and purses. You can find them at a low cost at most retail locations in a ton of different styles. Make sure that you consider the classy clothes that you’ve purchased and select bags and scarves in colors that match.

You also should check out the materials that fabric items are made from. There’s nothing less classy than wearing a trendy scarf that’s fraying around the edges. The only worse fate would be a purse that has a hole in it that your house keys fall out of.

Find Fantastic Footwear

Jewelry and accessories aren’t the only things that need to be classy and on-point. Your shoes also are a critical consideration because they serve to draw your outfit together. As any fashionista knows, footwear can make colors and styles within your outfit pop and look awesome.

The shoes that you select will obviously depend on the occasion, much like the clothes that you use. A good rule of thumb is to pair outfits with shoes in advance and understand what occasions the entire outfit can be worn on.

If you have a power suit that you love to wear to work, decide on some awesome flats that match with it perfectly. You won’t even need to think about your wardrobe choices when getting ready for work since your outfit will already be a tried-and-true classic. You can experiment with jewelry if you like, but the base of the outfit (including the shoes) will be predetermined.

Before you can create these outfits, though, you’ll need to find and purchase some classy shoes. Casual shoes like new, clean, and well-maintained sneakers are perfect. Strappy sandals and high-quality flip-flops also work for casual summer outings.

Professional shoes are a bit trickier, especially heels. Flats never have the potential for looking… well, distinctly classless. Heels can look too showy if they’re too tall or bold, and since you don’t want to look ready for clubbing when you go to work, it’s important to be careful.

Heels should never be taller than 3-4 inches. They also need to be in a simple muted color like black, white, or dark blue. Save your bright pink or blue pumps for social outings with friends.

More on How to Dress Classy Today

Now that you know how to dress classy for all occasions, it’s time to get started. Check out the rest of our website for more tips on how to choose clothes for professional, formal, and casual settings.

You’ll also find articles about how to live your best life in other ways besides¬†dressing nicely. Start browsing the ‘fashion’ tab on our home page right away. You won’t regret it.

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