Best Minecraft Immortal Servers

Regarded as one of the most popular games across the world, Minecraft has been declared the best-selling video game around the globe. The game has been developed by Swedish developer Markus “Notch” Persson in 2009. The game has sold 238 million copies and has been used by 140 million monthly active users so far. Minecraft is supported by the biggest server known as an immortal server which provides players to interact with each other.

The game that is considered a gem and provides an environment of high custom is Minecraft. It is a 3D sandbox game through which players can craft, explore, mine, and build blocks in an unknown world. It does not require any objectives or goals to complete the task. The game-play has a casual and wide-open atmosphere which gives players a chance to roam and change the video world at will. You can access the game on various platforms which include Microsoft Windows, IOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Linux etc.

Besides having various game modes, this exciting game has provided outstanding graphics which impress players’ minds and delivers a nostalgic look. The game is really exciting and fun to play as it consists of a blocky 3D design. It uses 8-bit pixelated textures which appear to be simple. It is such a game where you can make your own game-play experiences. This game is considered to be a gem as it is exciting, fresh and dynamic. It consists of a ton of mini-games, user-generated maps and various game modes.

In the world of gaming, you can primarily find two ways to play. First, is the single-player world where you will find only a single person playing the game. Second is the multiplayer world where you will find more than one or two in the competitive and social gaming environment. The game is gaining popularity and is becoming large day by day because of its massive online multiplayer community. All these communities are giving rise to thousands of Minecraft servers so that they can play, connect, build and socialize together.

History of Minecraft 

The game is simple and you have to build blocks. After developing the first version of the game, Notch collected feedback from the players and moved forward to improve the initial version of the game. He then developed the Infdevs and Indev versions. A major updated version of the game was developed on June 30, 2010, known as the classic version. It is a paid version and has various features with a map editor. The game has become popular as more and more people started sharing their own experiences online.

Notch with his former colleagues decided to form an independent gaming community known as Mojang Specifications. It later added various objects and supported multiplayer mode. It made it possible to gather various resources and help in building different creations. In the end, it became known as Minecraft with its updated version and functionalities.

Types of servers

Every different server is determined by its rules, game-play features and societal structures. The few best-cracked Minecraft servers include skyblock servers, anarchy servers, survival servers, hunger servers, mini-game servers, creative servers, city servers etc. Players who survive in a hostile environment and gather resources to build blocks are suitable for survival servers. In the best Minecraft survival servers, players run to gather resources so that they can defend themselves from mobs. They collect resources to build shelters. Players are often provided with a small island to live in the best Minecraft skyblock servers. Players are asked to gather resources to build different structures and for survival. Those who disobey the rules and regulations of skyblock servers are punished severely.

Best Minecraft anarchy servers lead to fight and chaos as it has no rules and regulations. Players are free to do whatever they want and they are seen fighting for resources and power. This server is not suitable for everyone but it can be fun and exciting for those who love crawling environments. Mini-game servers are suitable for players who love playing a variety of mini-games which may include simple arcade games to complex puzzles. This server consists of a lobby which offers players to select which mini-game they wish to play. Mini-game servers have no rules and regulations. Players can leave or join anytime they want.

A city server is a kind of server which gives players a large city to live in and explore. The games of city servers are complex and game modes can be competitive. Players can invest money in the economy of servers and help to engage in trade while buying or selling items. Creative servers help players in gathering resources to build blocks. It helps in providing a creative outlet for players and has strict rules and regulations. Players who are seen breaking the rules and regulations are punished severely.

Available Minecraft servers that are contained in a website are known as a server list. You can find many Minecraft servers that offer a safe and the most enjoyable experience to the players. The few most popular Minecraft servers are Hypixel, 2builders2tools (2b2t) and immortal servers. Different servers provide different game-play styles for the players. 2b2t is an anarchy server while immortal and pixel servers are vanilla servers offering different mini-games for players to enjoy.

Hypixel server is a server that offers different unique features which include mini-games such as SkyWars, TNT Wars, BedWars, auctions, quests etc. It also has seven skill levels which include Alchemy, Foraging, Dungeoneering, Farming, Combat, Mining, Enchanting etc. You can receive more rewards on this server when you win more levels and access new items, game modes, new areas etc.

Considered to be the oldest server, 2b2t has no rules and regulations and players are free to do whatever they want. It is considered to be the most challenging server as it is full of chaos and a hostile environment. Immortal servers are the largest servers run by a few professional developers. A vast world can be explored by several players filled with different structures and biomes. It helps players to interact with each other and create a different survival world. One of the best features is that it accepts both cracked and regular players.

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