5 Reasons to Keep Your Roof Clean Year-Round

As spring is coming to its end, now is the ideal moment to start spring cleaning, if you haven’t completed the task yet. The contents in your cabinets to the mess you’ve created in your garage, now is the ideal time to clean it all out! One of the most important aspects of Spring cleaning for this season you may have forgotten about however, is your roof.

Cleaning your roof regularly can be a huge help to making your home look attractive for the summer. Remember that there are plenty of other advantages to maintaining your roof’s cleanliness throughout the year which you may not have thought of Complete roofing solutions.

  1. Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most important, as well as most evident reasons to maintain your roof’s cleanliness all year round is to increase its appearance. If you’re looking to sell your house or simply wish to leave a lasting impression on your neighbors maintaining your roof’s cleanliness can go a long way in making your home appear good.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, having your roof restoration cleaned is an affordable way to boost the value you expect to get for your home. Keep in mind that even if the roof is in good condition, a dingy roof can turn off prospective buyers. Many people who are looking for homes to purchase don’t have roofing expertise, and an unclean roof can make potential buyers think that the roof needs replacement. Removing the roof can cost an enormous amount of money and potential buyers are likely to reduce this amount from the price you are asking for.

Based on the worth of your home as well as other elements, finding the right buyer for your house could take as long as an entire year. Maintaining your roof in good in the time that you’re planning to sell your home is a great method of making sure your home will be sold at its highest value.

  1. Roof Cleaning is an Important Part of Maintenance

You might think that the sole benefit of taking care of your roof’s cleanliness is to make it look better, however this isn’t the case. Cleaning your roof is a crucial step to prolonging the life of your roof, and also keeping it in excellent condition.

If you leave your roof for too long, without cleaning your roof will begin showing signs of serious algae and moss development. If your roof is left unclean for a long time the ugly problem could get worse and cause lichens to grow on your roof.

This can not only make your home look shabby and look shabby, but it could also cause a lot of damage to the roof tiles and shingles. Lichens cause wear and tear to your roof. If they are left to grow during winter, these fungi can become frozen, causing them to grow and cause frost damage to your roof’s surface.

  1. Protect Your House Structures

As we’ve mentioned the importance of keeping your roof clean is a crucial cleaning step. By keeping moss, algae and lichens out of your roof and removing them, you’ll ensure that your roof stays in top shape for a longer period of time. Your roof is your primary layer of protection from the elements that surround you, so the damage to your roof could grow once the roof is in good condition.

A few roof problems that is caused by moss and lichen growths are:

  • Damage to the roof caused by moisture: Seeing as lichens and moss draw moisture to the roof’s surface They can cause water damage if kept for a long time.
  • The separation of the shingles When lichen is present on the exterior of your roof it may begin to grow between the roofing shingles, leading them to fall apart. This can cause roofing leaks and ceiling damages, and other structural issues.
  • Shingle-related damage In addition to causing the shingles split, moss growth on lichen growths can cause the shingles to stretch and appear oddly shaped.

If your roof has been damaged the other structures of your home will become susceptible to the elements. Wind, rain, hail and UV rays of the sun, and other elements can begin to harm your house quickly. This can cause water leaks from your roof and seeps into the walls. If not addressed this can eventually result in mold growth within your home, which could have a variety of negative effects on your health.

  1. Save Money on Roof Maintenance and Repairs

If you maintain your roof’s cleanliness it will prevent a variety of roof-related issues that could dramatically reduce the lifespan that your roofing. The expense of keeping your roof spotless may be expensive but when you consider the expense of the cost of replacing it, it’s sensible. By keeping your roof in good condition it will extend the life of your roof considerably that will save you lots of money for roof maintenance, repairs and replacements.

For you to get an idea, the price of roof maintenance in Miami is about $250-750 dependent on the dimensions of your roof. Roof replacement however is typically priced between $5000 and $15,000. While the price of cleaning your roof is dependent on the state of your roof and also the size of your roof in square feet and the price of replacement of your roof will depend upon the dimensions of the roof you have, which contractor you choose to work with as well as the grade of the roofing shingles you choose to use.

The thing that is clear is that the difference in price in the cost of cleaning or replacing your roof can be extremely significant. The cost of $5000 to $15,000 for the replacement of roofing isn’t something that anyone would like to do more frequently than they have to.

  1. Save Money on Insurance Installments

A lot of insurance companies place an emphasis on the way you take care of your home. In many cases insurance companies send inspectors out to take note of the general condition of your home. If an inspector passes through your home only to find moss as well as deep lines on your roof, it’s likely your insurance provider will think you’re not spending enough time the maintenance of your home. The result is that your insurance premiums are likely to rise and continue to cost you money you don’t need over the long term.

Maintaining your home in good shape can be a huge help to improve your life quality which is why it’s an investment that will pay off. Instead of spending cash on insurance you should take care to keep your home to maximize the value of the money you spend.

Choosing a Roof Cleaner

After you’ve learned the advantages of cleaning your roof It’s crucial to select the right roof cleaning service to take care of your roof. Although you could attempt cleaning your roof on your own but it’s a dangerous job that is prone to injuries and falls. Employing a professional for cleaning your roof is also a good idea to ensure you achieve a superior end outcome.

When you hire a roof maintenance firm located, it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting skilled professionals. Make sure to inquire with any potential contractor whether or not they’re covered by insurance and the extent to which their employees are trained to ensure they follow the safety rules and provide the best quality service.

Find out more about various roof cleaning services provided by various companies. Certain companies provide pressure washing services to wash your roof. Some companies employ sprayers (much similar to the garden sprayer) as well as other equipment for cleaning your roofing. Certain companies may offer pressure washing and alternative methods for cleaning your roof, based on the method you prefer.

Research different methods for cleaning your roof, to ensure that the business you select employs a method of roof cleaning you’re confident in. In certain instances it could be beneficial to talk to your insurance company and inquire what methods of roof cleaning they think is the best since some insurance companies may punish the use of cleaning methods for roofs they believe to be risky.

While spring isn’t quite over, it’s still not too late to make an appointment with an expert roof cleaning service to clean the dirt and grime that has built up on your roof

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