8 Simple Methods for Providing Rewards to Employees

A rewards and recognition program for workers is essential to employee engagement because it helps employees feel appreciated and acknowledges the efforts that employees have put in. Employees engaged in their work report having a greater sense of purpose in their jobs, which generates more energy and dedication. 

Employee engagement is also strongly linked to well-being. And we are aware that the consequences are quite severe. When you invest in an employee’s well-being, whether it be in their emotional, financial, physical, or professional well-being, that individual will invest back into the firm.

The following are eight  low-cost techniques to thank staff members:


  • Offer your gratitude in a public forum by saying “thank you.”

It’s incredible what a straightforward “thank you” can do, particularly when delivered in a public setting such as a company-wide meeting or an email blast.

  • Provide a message that was written by hand.

A straightforward message written by hand stands out in this day and age of emails and texting. Please take a few minutes out of your day to express your gratitude by writing it down on a card, or you could take a piece of colored paper or a post-it note.

  • Allow for time off of work

If workers are putting in overtime throughout the week or over the weekend to get a project done, you may consider giving them an additional day off of work or leaving a few hours early on Fridays.

  • Give tiny presents

There is no need to go overboard with lavish monetary presents. Consider giving meaningful yet affordable presents, like gift cards to a neighborhood coffee shop or grocery store, movie tickets, or flowers.

  • Pay for your transportation expenditures.

If staff must make payments for parking or public transportation regularly, consider rewarding them with a free month of parking, a bus ticket, or a gift card for petrol.

  • Indulge in some chair massages.

It may be costly to have individual massages, but if you want to show appreciation to many workers at once, you might want to think about hiring a masseuse for the day and giving them 15-minute chair massages.

  • Highlight exceptional staff members on the corporate blog or newsletter.

You offer top workers the credit they deserve by highlighting them in your business’s blog or newsletter. Still, you also communicate to the public what qualities your firm places a premium on in top employees. This is fantastic for inspiring existing employees and attracting new workers in general.

  • Organize a gathering for the whole organization.

It’s common for businesses to have Christmas parties, but you can show appreciation for hard work by organizing a spontaneous employee rewards program that take staff away from the office for a few hours. We had a lot of fun participating in the Frozen Friday event at Limeade, which took place on the slopes for a full day. 

Other examples of possible employee rewards include a summer field day complete with a barbecue and other activities played outside and a company-sponsored happy hour. Every event that the firm puts on helps with more than just recognizing employees for their hard work; it also boosts morale, builds connections, and encourages departmental cooperation.


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