10 Tips to Choose The Perfect Wall Decor

Designing your walls in the best possible ways is an overall exciting process with unlimited colour themes, textures, and home decoration items online available. However, the same process can become a little intimidating when it comes to appropriately style the walls. Walls are the most significant and noticeable part of the home and it is important to keep them updated according to the latest trends as it will raise the style quotient of your entire home. With minimal additions like getting the best metal wall art or wall paintings and selecting the appropriate wall, décor can help you deck up your walls to make the vibe cosy, intimate, and welcoming. Here is an ultimate guide with the 10 best tips on choosing perfect home decoration items online that will become your helping hand in glamming up your walls easily.

1. Locate the right spot

Even before you set yourself on the journey to freshen up your walls with home décor, the foremost priority should be to look for an appropriate spot to place home décor. Some of the unparalleled game-changing spots in your abode could be the large walls in living rooms, the wall behind the dining area, vertical walls in the kitchen, and the walls in your bedroom. Every wall in your house demands a different kind of wall artefact and this is the key to bringing life to your walls. For instance, you can use exquisite and colourful metal wall art for the walls in your living room and for comparatively smaller walls decorative wall mirrors or wall paintings can do the magic.

2. Match the colour scheme of the wall 

Colours are the best way to add vibrancy and joyfulness to your spaces which can be easily done with home decoration items online. It is, however, important to look out for home decoration items online that match the colour scheme of your wall and furniture. You can also experiment with varied colour theme patterns like the earthy shades for the neutral hues, colour pop to give a contrasting appeal to the walls, or maybe a retro theme to showcase your classic self. Usually, most décor enthusiasts love to place bright-coloured home décor items like wall mirrors or artistic wall paintings on the lighter walls and neutral handmade paintings on the dark-coloured walls.

3. Measure before buying

It is necessary to space everything out properly to get sleek and smart walls. Measuring the wall décor can go a long way in giving you a perfect finish to the walls as it will neither overcrowd nor leave blank spaces. This is the best way to fill up the spaces and choose the right size of wall décor. Most designers prefer a gap of at least 5 inches when you plan to place two or more wall décor frames or art together so that each beauty stands out individually.

4. Think out of the box

Gone are the times when the basic home decoration items online would occupy spaces on your walls. These days opulent and voguish wall décor items can help you create your dream wall that not only accentuates the beauty of your home but also reflects your personality. Go for some exclusive items like shadow boxes, gold finish wall mirrors, hanging clocks, vertical metal wall paintings, metal wall art etc. to depict more than who you are. Such unique placements will become the ultimate eye-catcher for your guests.

5. Consider the lighting of your space

Never forget the presence of lighting in the relation to the artwork that you choose. For space with an adequate amount of lighting like the walls near a window or beneath the ceiling light fixtures, place the décor items that you want to highlight the most but also remember that it should not directly obstruct the sight of the picture. Wall mirrors in this context can be your best friend if you want to spread light to your spaces through walls as mirrors reflect light and create an optical illusion of larger spaces. It is important to find the best home decoration items online to enhance the beauty of your wall décor.

6. Reflect yourself through walls

Through an expansive range of home decoration items available, opting for what demonstrates your passion can be a real game-changer If you are a travel enthusiast or love to explore places then travel-themed wall paintings or metal wall art can suit your needs.  If you are an admirer of timeless classics then aesthetic mirrors or antique clocks are best for your walls.

7. Rethink forgotten spaces 

Consider exploring the left-out spaces in your home where you can place wall décor to make them the show stopper of your house. These could include creating a little reading nook with comfortable lounge chairs and lovely wall paintings or a cozy space to chill in your living room with comfy sofas and beautiful walls with elegant canvas prints. Kitchen, corridors, and even bathrooms can be used to place such eloquent home decoration items online.

8. Keep it minimal

Someone has said that simplicity is the secret to beauty and this stands true for wall décor as well. Most designers love to keep it simple when it comes to wall décor because less is always more. Art has to be the focal point but not at the expense of the beauty of your walls. For the same, you can choose some walls in your abode rather than all the walls to place the best home décor and buy it accordingly. For example in the living room putting one magnificent wall décor item on the larger wall will do the needful.

9. Textures are important 

The textures of walls and the home decoration items online are important factors to keep in mind before buying the wall décor. Walls with textures like the grainy textures, silica texture, sand swirls and so on should be decorated with décor items that have smooth textures like the wall mirrors, the wall clock decor, or metal wall art.

10. Pick an optimum number of art pieces for your walls

You can always place a single statement piece like the metal wall art or a decorative wall mirror or can group several pieces together using shadow boxes or handmade paintings to give a gallery effect to your walls. For the gallery effect, it is a prerequisite to know about the number of pieces of art and the varying sizes so that your walls look the best version of themselves.

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