Why should VPS India be the first choice for Startups and Small Businesses?

There is no doubt that you have plenty of options for Web Hosting in India. The most opted one is Shared Hosting, VPS Server, and a Dedicated Server. But among these top three hostings, shared hosting is the best choice for low budget blogging websites that do not have plans. Alternatively, a Dedicated Server might be a more expensive option. However, in between both the hosting, VPS India is the ideal choice for the users who are commencing their startups and businesses with clear future goals in mind. This is because, with VPS, you’ll get all the exclusive resources and premium services to accommodate your goal specific business requirements.

So, if you want to know why the India VPS Hosting is the best and top-notch choice for your startups and small business, then you must go through this guide at once. Let’s get started!

What is VPS India?

VPS Server is a type of web hosting service that most users opt for to host their resource-intensive websites. You can even host small to medium-sized sites that comprise more than hundreds of web pages on your VPS India Server. VPS implies Virtual Private Server in which the word “Private” indicates that you’ll be given your own independent hosting platform along with dedicated resources. Further, the VPS uses and works on the principle of Virtualization in which an extensive physical server is subdivided into small virtual servers. So, users can utilize a single virtual server and a set of dedicated resources to host their website. Additionally, VPS Hosting India provided by Serverwala comes with the most upgraded resources, high uptime, 24/7 support and much more. Moreover, you can also scale your resources as needed by your site.

Moreover, the VPS Hosting India is divided into two subparts, namely Managed and Unmanaged Hosting. Apart from the management, VPS is also categorized into two major parts on behalf of the operating system: VPS Windows India and VPS Linux India. You can choose any one of them, which makes it easy to run your server.

In addition, VPS India Server benefits your small and startup business by rendering various kinds of features and exclusive benefits. You can check the reasons for choosing the VPS Server in India in the next section.

Why should Startups and Small Businesses choose VPS India?

VPS Server is an affordable and mid-range web hosting platform that ensures bundles of web hosting services and exclusive benefits. These benefits are the primary and focussed reason to choose VPS India for small and startup businesses. So, here we have enlisted some of the top reasons that influenced users the most:

#1. Cost-Effective

VPS India Hosting is one of the affordable plans that you can buy from Serverwala. Within the package, you’ll be given a wide range of exclusive features and resources that you can utilize for your small business site.

#2. Instantly Scale Resources

It’s common to scale up resources even in shared hosting, but it comes with limited resources. So, when your site receives slightly huge traffic, then it may slow down your website. However, you can quickly upgrade your resources and scale-up storage, memory, and bandwidth with one click.

#3. More Reliable than Other forms of Hosting

VPS Hosting gives you an independent hosting platform and dedicated resources that completely belong to a single user. You won’t have to share them with other hostings. However, considered the most reliable web hostings than shared hosting.

#4. Piece of Mind with Server Security

Data Security is the most major concern for every hosting user, but when you choose VPS India, then you can ensure high data security for your website. You can be free from the stress of data loss by any online means, hackers, spammers, and so on.

#5. Host Multiple Domains

With VPS Hosting, users can host multiple websites as many as a site they can handle. There is no role of web host and restrictions in website hosting by their side.

#6. Full Server Control

One of the best features of hosting your small or startup business site on a VPS India is you’ll be given complete server control. So, you manage, modify, operate, and make configurations on your server without your web host assistance.

#7. 24*7 Guru Crew Support

If you buy the Cheap VPS India Hosting by the Serverwala, you will surely be given round the clock customer and technical support. So, you can contact the customer executives 24*7 by Email, Live Chat, Over Call, Skype, etc.

Because of such exclusive reasons, you can make your website optimal and high performing. However, it becomes easy for you to handle the increased traffic on your site with VPS. Further, suppose you buy this hosting from a reliable web host like Serverwala. In that case, no competitors can beat the level of performance and security you’ll be given with the company’s VPS India Hosting.

Serverwala: For Affordable VPS Hosting India with Premium Features

Serverwala is one of the leading and world-class web hosting providers that provide a number of web hosting services, including shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cluster, Colocation, and Cloud Server. Among these hosting, if you’re looking for low budget hosting in which you’ll get all the exclusive to premium level hosting features, then Serverwala’s Best VPS Hosting India is the best choice for you. It gives you a wide range of principal features. Some of them are listed below:


  • Choose Cpanel or Plesk Panel for easy management
  • Choose Windows or Linux Operating System
  • Easy Server Management
  • High Uptime Value
  • Server Security
  • Easily Customizable
  • Plan, Price, & Affordability
  • Scalable Hosting
  • 24*7 Server Support

Authentic Feedback of Serverwala’s VPS Services

Here, you can check the genuine reviews and words of potential customers posted on the top reviews sites.

Bottom Line

If you are planning for a long term business, you need web hosting that gives you highly reliable features and powerful resources. However, Serverwala’s VPS India Hosting is one of the best platforms that leverage you with unlimited benefits. So, you can accomplish all the requirements of your startup and small business.


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