Why do you need to use Video in 2022?

Video is maintaining its dominance in 2021, and by all means, this trend will continue in 2022 and beyond. Businesses in both B2B and B2C segments need to learn about video marketing, tools, editors, and more. In order to understand why you need to use videos in 2022, let us go through a couple of pointers advocating strongly in favor of higher video usage for B2C and B2B purposes.

Quick Facts

  • In 2021, more than 17 percent of businesses are using videos on social media as an integral part of their strategy to boost sales and brand visibility (HubSpot
  • People watch over one billion hours of videos on YouTube every day. Smartphones constitute seventy percent of the watch time. (Wordstream)
  • Research says people retain up to 75 percent of the data from videos, much higher than text or other modes of communication.

Dozens of other statistics indicate video dominance. Now we will discuss why this is happening.

Reasons for High Video Consumption

  1. Social Media

Social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., have boosted demand for video consumption. We get the latest updates on news, events, and entertainment.

LinkedIn has evolved as the best platform for business communication, job hunt, and hiring skilled human resources.

  1. Short Video Making Platforms

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and many more platforms for short videos have opened a new category for artists and performers. The best thing about short videos is wider reach possible even without any significant followers.

  1. Cheaper Smartphones

As of December 2021, 6.37 billion smartphones are in circulation globally. In India, the number of smartphone users stands at 744 million. With such a vast number of people using smartphones, video consumption is definitely going only northwards in 2022.

  1. Cheaper Data

Internet data is one of the cheapest in India, leading to a further increase in video consumption. Over 749 million Indians use the Internet regularly for social media browsing, news, entertainment, and other types of videos.

  1. 5G

Upcoming 5G technology in 2022 will make video streaming faster and better. Another reason why video consumption will increase in the coming year.

  1. Easy Online Video Editor Tools

Ease of making, editing, and sharing videos has also boosted the growth of its watch time. People can use quality video editor software and create stunning personal and business videos. Share edited videos within the community, utilize them as a presentation for business purposes, etc.

These are reasons for the rise in video consumption in 2021 and igniting factors for 2022. Let us discuss the purpose of using videos in 2022.

Purposes and Ways of Using Video in 2022

  1. Hook your Audience

You can target your desired audience specifically with the help of video content. Business is all about communication. The brand should speak with its audience, and if the audience understands your message, sales will surely boost. A video stays much longer in mind than a text or audio. 

When making videos with an easy online video editor, you must pay attention to the length and beginning. Keep it short, and the most important message should come within the first 5 seconds with hook elements. It will get the attention of the target audience. Your viewership and client base will increase with videos in 2022.

  1. Optimized Videos

Search engine optimization for websites has existed for years, and millions of businesses hire SEO people to manage their website ranking on SERP. Similarly, you can optimize content for videos to make them more effective and target customer-oriented. It is faster, relevant, and appealing for the tech-savvy generation.

Some tips: write a compelling and relevant headline, short and concise description, adjust demographics for target marketing, attractive thumbnail, tags to boost on different social channels.

  1. Lead Conversions

There should be a goal and call to action for customers in any marketing campaign. Videos are no different. Create interactive videos to create and convert leads. It is way faster than any other conventional marketing tactic.

This trend is only going to increase in coming years with more and more people are working online and digitalization of shopping taking place.

Browse online and use any video maker to create an appealing video with an interesting call-to-action. Do not share all the information in the video, but highlight the best deals to encourage traffic on the business website.

  1. Use Trending Topics for Business Benefits

Brands are using the latest and real-time events to promote as well as connect with the audience on the web. If you follow Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels, you will find several threads that one brand started and other brands and people joined in with comments.

This is a highly effective way to position your business, recall, and connect with a wider audience. Some of the leading brands involved in such conversation are Netflix, Micromax, Samsung, etc.

Other Purposes

  • Videos with log and company details provide extensive brand exposure with real-time feedback. They say an image is worth of thousand words. Imagine what a video could be worth.
  • The target audience can see the people behind the product. They can interact, share their views, and even join demos online. Personalize your video with an easy online video editor and connect with the target customers efficiently.
  • A related advantage of videos is the analytics feature. If you want to track the performance of a video campaign with exact details including almost everything such as open rate, conversion, demographics, and more, use analytics, available on Google, Facebook, and several other social channels.

Upcoming Trends in Video for 2022

B2B and B2C industries will use extensively following video types and trends in the coming year.

  • Explainer Videos
  • Interactive Videos
  • Personalized Videos
  • Stories
  • Live Videos
  • Search Optimized Videos
  • Captioned Videos
  • Vlog Videos
  • 360 Degrees Product Videos


We recommend devising a clear business plan focused on videos, whether it’s a start-up, MNC, or even a store, to tap mine of opportunities and the targeted consumer/clients for which your product or service is meant. Use videos and grow your business like a pro in 2022.

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