Using Wallpaper For Home Renovation

Usually when it comes to beautify the wall, conventionally most people are only used to whitewashing, painting and spraying colours on it. However, today construction industry has more choice in decorating and beautifying the wall. And wallpaper is increasingly getting its popularity due to its variety of patterns, colours, durability, cost saving and many more factors. The biggest advantage of peaceful zen wallpaper is easy to change, you can change them at any time without taking too much time and effort. Wallpaper has many benefits and conveniences for every building. There are many types of wallpaper that are popular today such as Korean wallpaper, Japanese wallpaper, American wallpaper, Chinese Wallpaper, and many more. Each has their own uniqueness that are suitable for their users. Here are some advantages of wallpaper that you need to know.

#1 Beautiful, Rich and Diverse Wallpaper Wallpaper has more choices than other wall renovation options such as painting or tiling. For wallpaper you can choose each beautiful model to personalize each room in a house. If you happen to have children, you can choose the appropriate wallpaper for your child which could be more fun and playful for their living environment; or if you prefer your home to be in classic style, you can have thousands of classic pattern wallpaper to choose from which match your dream house space and the furniture within. With availability of many types of beautiful wallpaper, you will have many choices in decorating your walls. And if you are economically good, you can even change the wallpaper constantly following the latest trend or as per your preference.

#2 Advanced Modern Wallpaper Production TechnologyKorea and Japan are the two of the most developed countries in the world with the most modern machinery technology to produce wallpaper. With the advanced production technology in Korea and Japan, wallpaper from these two countries seem to attract most consumer due to its quality, choices, designs, durability, and price. Korea and Japan are also known popularly in promoting human health and safety first. The same applied when it comes to producing wallpaper, quality and non toxic materials are used to create wallpapers with designs that are really creative and lovely.

#3 Change Easily When you choose to use wallpaper to decorate our wall, you will be able to change as often as you want. Unlike using paint, changing the paint colour on your wall is much more complicated and involve more cost during the application. This is even worst when it comes to using tiles.

#4 User-Friendly Wallpaper Wallpaper has many images that are friendly to your life. When using wallpaper you will not worry about being toxic but wallpaper is very safe. When using wallpaper your child will love to play with the walls because on the walls will be pasted images of fairy tales that others cannot.

#5 Durability When it comes to wall paint, you will have to cope with problems like yellowing, peeling or seeping. But for wallpaper there are no such signs. If you apply with the right method, treat the surface of the wall well, the lifespan of the wallpaper can be as high as 8 to 10 years, and if you paint the wall, you will usually have to perform touch up or repaint the wall after every 3 to 5 years time to ensure pleasant looking on the walls.

#6 Affordable Price One of the most concern matter people have when it comes to renovating and refurbishing their homes is the cost. Wallpaper have plenty of price ranges that could fit the market needs. If you are looking forward for an affordable yet practical option, wallpaper could be the right choice. It is not only available in affordable price, but also can save you a lot of time when it comes to the application. You could even perform the installation yourself if you are able to in order to save the labour cost. Whereas, if you choose to paint your house, aside from the paint and tools cost, you probably have to hire professional workers to do so in order to avoid improper works being done by yourself. Not to mention the risk of staining on the floor and furniture during the process of painting.

#7 No Contamination, No Toxic When you paint your house, you might be worrying the painting process might spill some paint unintentionally on the objects in the house. For wallpaper, the case would be different. If the glue is fired on the object, you only need to remove them with absorbent cotton pad. Besides, some paint materials used is not friendly to the environment as they are made using low quality materials that could be harmful and producing harmful volatile organic compounds.

#8 Quick Installation For painting, most job will take around 1 to 2 weeks to finish, but the wallpaper, it may only need 1 or 2 days to complete due to its easy to use design and structure. Installing wallpaper also reduce the risk in leaving stains on the furniture in the room, while for the paint, if you are not careful, you may face the risk of getting the paint spill on some of the objects at home. Applying the wallpaper only requires few simple tools and materials that can be purchase easily. And one of the most beautiful advantage of using wallpaper is that you do not have to wait for the paint layer to dry before applying another layer, as wallpaper only need to be applied once.

#9 Wallpaper Is Suitable For All Ages Sometimes it is hard to fulfil everyone needs when it comes to renovating and refurbishing your house. Everyone has their own preference. With wallpaper, you won’t have much controversy because everyone can choose the design and pattern for their own room based on their own style and preference.

Additional Notes – To Use Wallpaper Effectively and Long Term

  • The wall surface must be treated well and flat, painted with primer with anti-mildew paints.
  • With new plaster walls, it is best to use ready-made paper (decals – adhesive paper), which can overcome the porous state of the wall. When you want to change, you can peel it off easily without affecting the smoothness of the wall.
  • With walled paper, it is necessary to peel off all the old paper then wash off the old glue.
  • With paint spraying, care should be taken when using glue, avoiding leaving a paste when peeling off the paper.
  • To treat holes and cracks in the wall, widen the crack and fill them with mortar or insert a cardboard cover, wait for the paper to dry.
  • With limited paper size, if you buy the self-adhesive stickers, note the edges of the paper so that the pattern suits each other. Paste each sheet and wait for 5 to 10 minutes to dry.


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