When To Contact An Eyewitness In An Auto Accident Case

In a personal injury case, an eyewitness can be of great importance. An eyewitness is someone who has watched the accident unfold and thus has crucial information about whose actions may have caused the mishap. Therefore, they are extremely important in determining liability. Details like who was going fast, who was distracted, and what happened after the collision can help. 

If you were injured in a recent car crash, you must be confused about your next steps. It is important that you hire an attorney without wasting time and begin working on collecting evidence. The more you wait, the lower your chances of finding solid evidence. 

Who is an eyewitness?

An eyewitness is someone who has seen something happen and provides a first-hand description of it. They have the ability to provide reliable information, whether oral or written, to be presented in a court of law. 

An eyewitness account is a statement provided by an eyewitness. An eyewitness account can include crucial details regarding the accident that other pieces of evidence may not contain. Eyewitness accounts often contain information unique to police reports or camera footage. 

When should you contact an eyewitness and get their statement?

If you were recently in a car accident in a public space, there are high chances that people may have witnessed it. You can talk to witnesses at the accident site. If you are injured and unable to do so, you can track them later. It is crucial to get their contact information as soon as possible and ask important questions before they forget the details. 

The best time to contact an eyewitness is when the memory of the accident is still fresh in their mind. The more you wait, the more details you lose. While they would still remember the major details after a few weeks, they might forget minor details indicating a fault. 

If you are unable to track eyewitnesses or are confused about questioning them, you can always seek legal guidance from an attorney. An attorney, using their years of experience and resources, can help track down witnesses and ask the right questions. It also takes effort to convince eyewitnesses to come to court and give a statement, which an attorney might be able to do better. 

Are you seeking legal compensation?

If you are seeking legal compensation after a horrible car accident, you have options. Arizona law allows car accident victims to recover damages from the at-fault party. Hire an attorney today.

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