What is Staff Augmentation? A Model to Extend Your Team

The term “staff augmentation” is rapidly becoming a popular buzzword in the IT industry, which has attracted more international businesses to work remotely. Zibtek’s 20+ years of experience in the commercial sector has seen 300+ clients hire Ukrainian developers to augment their local teams. Continue reading to learn more about staff augmentation, its benefits and how you can get the most from augmenting your team by hiring Ukrainian software developers.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation can be described as a flexible outsourcing service where an outsourcing company provides tech talent (i.e. Engineers) to your team, either temporarily or permanently.

You choose the best candidates for your needs and can cut or expand your augmented staff whenever you need. Many companies offer staff augmentation. Vendors of IT staff augmentation can help you add technical skills to your development team on a short-term or long-term basis. The vendor employs these resources directly, eliminating the risk and cost of hiring new full-time employees. Remote developers are hired by staff augmentation companies to work on one project. You can try our guide on why software projects fail.

Staff Augmentation is Right for You If:

Your product already has engineers in your local office. But you wish to expand your team and have programmers create another component of your product. It’s not possible to hire 3-8 tech professionals due to the lack of talent in your area. Local recruitment is too slow and risky. This option is not feasible due to the high demand and high risks.

A team of programmers is working on a product and you are looking to hire more engineers. You are looking for professionals in other countries because the number of people you want to hire is limited.

Although you may be able to work with an outsourcing company to build your product, this model is not right for you. You want to communicate directly with your team on a daily basis. Second, you want to get to know your remote programmers so they feel like part your local team. These are essential for remote team integration and motivation to share a common goal. Workpuls.com will help you establish a productive working relationship with your augmented teams.

Staff Augmentation vs. Other Models       

Staff Augmentation

The staff augmentation model allows you to choose your candidates and then manage them using the methods that you prefer. The vendor handles all administrative and organizational tasks, while you can focus on your core responsibilities. You also have the chance to work with your augmented team in the same way as your in-house developers.

Managed Services

Project outsourcing companies take care of every aspect of the project’s development, from structuring a team of developers to managing all processes. The outsourcing company doesn’t require you to be a tech expert or to work with your remote development team. Customers often don’t know who is working on their project and what the developers are doing at the moment. They also don’t know which decisions will be made during the project.

Own R&D Center

You can open your own R&D centre in a country that has a better business climate and a wider pool of tech talent if you are looking to hire at least 40 people. You will need to research the legal system and learn about the culture before you can open your own R&D centre.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

High Productivity Level

Because developers are focused 100% on one project, staff augmentation allows for a higher level productivity. This is in contrast to project outsourcing teams that can handle multiple projects simultaneously. A single client, working with a big vision, can lead to higher motivation and dedication.

IP Rights Security

All IP rights are yours from the beginning of any cooperation with your dedicated developers.


You are more flexible on two sides, mainly:

Access to an extensive talent pool of IT professionals, from front-end developers and UI/UX designers to Scrum masters to product owners and product owners.

It is much easier to replace developers because the talent pool in the industry is larger. Also, if you work with Zibtek as a staff augmentation partner, the cost of the changeover will not increase.

Cost Efficiency

Staff augmentation is very transparent in terms of costs. There are no administrative or organizational costs such as office space, workstations and other expenses. The vendor charges a small fee and takes care of all the arrangements so you can focus on your business.

Stands out

Software engineers want to be involved in the development process and participate in company decisions. Many Ukrainian developers are keen to work with product companies. This is possible in two ways: direct cooperation with a company or through staff augmentation.

Team Augmentation: How to succeed

Select a vendor who will provide remote developers with separate rooms with all the necessary facilities. Zibtek has rooms that are customized with the company branding of our clients to make it easier for offshore teams to integrate with in-house developers.

Remote developers should feel like they are part of your local team. Some of our clients requested that we install “windows for the client”. This is a combination of a camera in their team room and a screen showing what’s happening in the office.

Ask your vendor if they have any professionals that can help you work with your team more effectively. Zibtek has HR/Client managers who will work with your developers to eliminate any misunderstandings.

Zibtek Staff Augmentation Services

Zibtek offers flexible team augmentation services. We can help you hire one or more developers, or add technical writers or QA engineers to your team. Your engineers will be able to work on product development full-time and not have other projects. Your developers will feel part of your core team because you’ll be the one managing them. An HR/Client manager can help you and your augmented team to resolve any issues.

Zibtek provides many other services to help you grow your company, including the extension of your local team. These include: Security Testing, Launch Workshop, Process Consulting and Technical Consulting.

Zibtek Staff Augmentation Process

Tell Us Your Needs

Simply tell us your requirements, expectations and goals. You can either start with one developer, or build a cross-functional team.

Interview with and Hire Developers

Our recruiters will search for candidates based on your requirements and interview them to provide you with the best candidates. With the tools and methods you prefer, you can interview candidates as often as you like.

Get Started

Your developers will be provided with full-fledged workstations at one of our offices in Ukraine, Kyiv, Kharkiv or Dnipro. Our specialists provide a complete onboarding experience and take care of all administrative issues.

Ongoing Support

An HR/Client manager is assigned to you. This will help you establish a productive working relationship with your augmented teams. Control access systems are also used to ensure that your employees and data are protected. We organize team building events to promote a positive environment.

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