Tips To Get Started On A Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

Are you thinking of getting started on a Whole Food, Plant-Based (WFPB diet)? In this article we will outline some tips to help you on your journey. We all know that making a dietary change is not so easy, thus we have compiled a list of tips and resources to help support you.

1. Forks Over Knives recipes

One of the hardest things when switching to a new diet is to find which recipes work for you. By far the best resource for simple, healthy and tasty recipes online is Forks Over Knives.


Browsing through the recipe library you will find hundreds if not thousands of recipes to choose from. Experts recommend making plant-based versions of your favourite dish. Once you have found what works for you, make the same dish over and over again, especially in the beginning as it may take a lot of time and energy to make this diet work.

2. GingerKale guide

GingerKaleĀ“s guide on how to start a WFPB diet is useful for beginners. It contains a lot of tips and tools to help get you underway. GingerKale is also a platform where you can get one-on-one coaching to give you personalized support for your journey.

3. NutritionFacts research data

Ever heard of Dr. Greger, who runs He is the author of several bestseller books including How Not To Die. Through NutritionFacts, Dr. Greger shares several video updates each week containing research in the field of nutrition and health.


NutritionFacts is the most extensive library on nutritional research and you will find something about practically all health-related topics.

4. The Game Changers documentary

Released several years ago and often available through Amazon Prime and/or Netflix, The Game Changers makes the WFPB diet cool! Many athletes have learned firsthand the positive impact of a plant-based diet. Whether is it for increased endurance and performance or for aiding in quicker recovery, athletes of all kinds find great benefit with the WFPB diet. You may be surprised to see some of your favourite athletes in this documentary.


5. The China Study book

Last on our list is The China Study by Dr. Campbell. Make sure to read it for a full overview of the Whole Food, Plant-Based diet from every angle. If you like a good read, this is the book to go for!


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