Best Orthopaedics Treatment Hospital in India

Health and physical complications related to bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves usually fall under the department of orthopedics. An orthopedic doctor is specialized in treating ailments related to these body parts.

At Narayana Health, the best orthopaedics hospital in Bangalore, orthopedic doctors provide the best treatment to help patients with such conditions. Orthopedic doctors at Narayana Hospitals also treat complex problems such as arthritis.

Narayana Health has a highly efficient team of orthopedic doctors, experts in what they do, and highly experienced in the field. As a result, they can perform diagnostic procedures and treat complex cases, such as bone diseases, trauma, limb surgery, and other rare congenital disorders.

Best Orthopaedics Treatment Hospital in India

What Do Orthopaedic Doctors Do?

Orthopedic doctors are also known as orthopedic surgeons in some places. At Narayana Health, the orthopedic doctors help the patients with any problems related to their musculoskeletal system.

Usually, orthopedic doctors help patients diagnose injuries that happen from physical work or sports and treat them. With time and age, the human body becomes weaker, and health complications such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis occur.

These are treated by orthopedic doctors as well. Additionally, joint or muscle pains are comforted and treated by the orthopedic department. There are many procedures to solve complex orthopedic cases. These include total knee replacement, replacement of shoulder and hip, implant surgeries, and arthritis treatment.

Many athletes often experience traumatic and painful muscular or skeletal injuries, which are treated by orthopedic doctors as well. Other complex procedures include articular cartilage implantation, Msaicrominal cartilage implantation, subacromial decompression, recurrent shoulder dislocation, arthroscopy of ankle, knee, shoulder, and rotator cuff repair.

Right Time to Visit an Orthopaedic Doctor

Usually, any physical injury is associated with pain and discomfort in muscles and joints. If the pain does not go away after five days or more, it is probably best to visit the best orthopedics hospital in Bangalore, Narayana Hospitals.

If the patient is having difficulty moving after an injury, or if the balance is becoming unstable, or if usual activities cause discomfort in the body, it is best to visit an orthopedic doctor. With timely treatment, many complex muscular and skeletal problems can be quickly resolved.

Orthopedic Treatment Procedure at Narayana Hospitals

Usually, orthopedic doctors first diagnose an injury. Based on the condition, they prescribe treatments, which may include surgery, exercise, and medication. If needed, rehab centers or treatments for physical therapy are allotted to the patients. This helps in complete recovery and prevents further injuries.

Diagnosis procedure includes inquiry of injury history. This will be followed by tests, such as x-rays and other diagnostic tests. Once the condition is identified, proper treatment will be prescribed. Orthopedic doctors can opt for both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Non-surgical treatment is mainly applied to some conditions of muscles and bone. These treatment procedures mainly consist of therapies, rehabilitation, exercise, and medication. If non-surgical treatments fail or cannot be applied, surgical treatment procedures are adopted.

At Narayana Health, surgical treatment procedures include replacement of joints, both partial and total, arthroscopy, prosthesis, fusion, internal fixation, osteotomy, and so on.

Benefits of Visiting Orthopaedics Department at Narayana Hospitals

The orthopedic department in Narayana Health, or the best orthopedics hospital in Bangalore, is world-class. They have all the latest equipment to diagnose the problem and start treatment immediately. Additionally, the team consists of experts in pain management, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. This way, patients can be rehabilitated promptly and efficiently.

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