The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Earbuds by Soundcore

There are plenty of earbuds brands on the market. Two problems are faced by consumers while buying any sort of audio electronics. 

First, they are too costly, and second, they are cheap but don’t last long. Considering these problems, Soundcore has come up with the ultimate solution. You can buy Soundcore high-quality earbuds at a low-mid price. 

We have listed some of the best products for you below: 

  • Liberty 3 Pro: 

Alex Pasco, a 5-time Grammy-winning artist, says about these earbuds: 

” Liberty 3 Pro’s custom DSP allows me to adjust the sound of my earbuds. This lets me hear music exactly how I mixed it. “

Liberty 3 pro uses the coaxial dual driver technology, which allows you to hear each frequency sound directly. There is no interference in between. Its booming speakers make you hear the deep bass. Moreover, it has an exclusive HearID ANC technology for noise. 

HearID analyzes the atmosphere inside your ear and then tailors the sound, which is just perfect for you. Liberty 3 pro has an adjustable shape that fits your ear without causing any discomfort. They come with four sizes of ear tips to fit even better. 

Shaan Singh, another Grammy-winning audio producer, says:

” The Liberty 3 pro’s have a great frequency response, custom EQ presets, and a high-quality noise-canceling feature, which is perfect for when you are  on the go like me.” 

You can use these earbuds for up to eight hours after one charge. Their case can be recharged by a USB-C cable or a wireless charger. 

    2. Liberty Air 2:

Liberty Air 3’s diamond-inspired drivers add to the frequency bandwidth of the sound by 15 percent. The bass amount is multiplied by two by this driver. 

Each earbud uses the cVc 8.0 technology to reduce noise. It delivers 95 percent of your voice when you are on a call, which means your voice is crystal-clear. 

The battery life of Liberty Air 2 is 7 hours which can be enhanced to 28 hours with the case. It also uses HearID to intelligently learn about your hearing and give you a customized experience. Pairing these earbuds is super easy because they use Bluetooth 5, which enables you to do a one-step pairing with your devices. 

    3. Life P2 Mini: 

Life P2 Mini wireless earbuds come with 3 EQ modes. You can switch between the modes by pressing the right earbud 3 times quickly. The first mode is the default, which enables you to hear a balanced sound. 

If you want an intensified bass, you should use the Bass booster mode. The third mode, Podcast, allows the voices to be heard more clearly. This product is perfect for calls as it uses the modern AI algorithm to deliver your voice loud and clear by the other end. 

You can wear them all day because they are very feathery. They only weigh 4.6 grams (which is 10 percent less than others). 

   4. Life A1: 

Life A1 true wireless earbuds are equipped with 8mm oversized drivers combined with the triple-layer diaphragm. This combo provides you with an extra 40 percent of bass and better mids and trebles. 

It also comes with 3 custom EQ modes which you can select according to what you’re listening to. You can use these earbuds for 9 hours after one charge, and the usage can also be extended up to 35 hours by using the case. 

The plus point is that you can use them for one and a half hours just after a 10-minute charge. You can recharge them by using the USB-C cable or the wireless charging pad. 

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