So, You Wanna Be a TikTok Star? Here’s What You Can Do

It’s amazing just how quickly TikTok became such a huge success with more than 700 million subscribers to date after only 6 years. By January of this year, Apple reported TikTok as the 7th most downloaded app and with the year more than half over, it could have even jumped up a place or two! By this point in time, there probably isn’t a person on earth who hasn’t heard of this fun video social site but unlike YouTube, TikTok vids are limited to 3 minutes in duration.

It’s more of an entertainment social site so you probably couldn’t post a “How To” video, but for budding entertainers, it’s the perfect outlet for short videos highlighting their talents. Whether you are a musician, a comedian, or perhaps a political pundit with a sense of humor, TikTok is your stage. So, you wanna be a TikTok star? Check it out.

Serious TikTokers Post Daily

No one said it was going to be easy! If you want to build a huge following, then you need to get down to business. Since your videos are limited to three minutes in duration, it can’t be that hard, can it? Well, actually, it can be in the beginning until you get your own sense of rhythm going.

Music Makes the World Go ‘Round

Whether you are a musician, a pundit, or a comedian, music and sound effects are always a good thing. However, quality is everything so if you are going to get serious with sound, don’t settle for anything less than the top-rated music production desktops because they are built with superior soundcards and ultrafast processors. In other words, they are built with performance in mind.

Spin It Your Way – That’s Your Brand!

In the world of business, branding is everything. It’s how your audience identifies you with a visual (logo) and perhaps a tag line. If you wanna be a TikTok star, make no mistake about it, you’re in business. If it wasn’t a business in the truest sense of the word, why then do they call it show business? TikTok is all about entertainment and entertainment is show business, so spin it your way on each and every video. Create your brand and then learn how to promote it.

It’s Time for Hashtags

This is what we mean by ‘promoting’ your brand. Once you’ve developed that tag line, use it or key words from it with hashtags. Let’s take an example from grandma’s day, but one even the youngest TikTokers have probably heard! You couldn’t hear the term “Old Blue Eyes” without immediately thinking Frank Sinatra. Yep, the entire first page, and probably second and third pages as well, of the SERPs will all be about good Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. That’s his tag and it could have been his logo as well if he needed to be marketed! So, if you use Frank Sinatra as one of your hashtags, probably the first would be #oldblueeyes. See how that works?

Become the Proverbial Social Butterfly

In the end (or should we say the beginning?), it’s all about promoting yourself. While TikTok is an entertainment site, it’s also a social site and a marketing site and probably the newest addiction that even your parents enjoy. (Don’t let on you know they dabble from time to time!) The point is, get and stay social on other sites as well. Become the Pied Piper of social media leading all your followers on Facebook, Instagram, and yes, even YouTube over to your TikTok vids.

It takes work, but anything worth having is worth working for, right? So, you wanna be a TikTok star? Work it! We promise this is the most fun you’ll ever have working, and you can hold us to it.

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