Team Building for Your Organization

A ropes course is an obstacle course with a low ropes area on or near the ground and a high ropes area that usually has a zip line and other activities that build trust, problem-solving skills, and communication. The ropes course is great for team work and bonding with shared risk-taking and adventure. It encourages collaboration and team building for your group, and they will be more engaged afterward. The group will feel more valued, too, because their experience as a team is important to your organization, and they feel better about being invested in it.

Team building gives group members the opportunity to talk and bond with different people and learn about their roles within the organization. They can notice their team members’ strengths and weaknesses and then manage the activities based on this information.

The ropes course became known as a process the military used to build rapport within their ranks, and corporations and other organizations began to do it for team building in the 1990s. The ropes activities are important. However, be certain that the facilitators at the ropes course understand the other part of the process, which is how to create an atmosphere of honest collaboration and a safe emotional atmosphere needed for the transformation of your group. Find out what type of training and certifications the staff have, and what types of groups they usually work with. Learn about their group process and how successful it usually is.

You may have expectations about how the different members of your organization will behave. However, one of the surprising upsides to a ropes course is that people are often different than you might expect. This new type of experience will help the group members see different sides of one another, and this would give them different experiences to share. Bonding over this shared experience will give them memories that will enhance their performance within your organization. 

Tips for a Successful Ropes Course

  • Wear comfortable clothes for the ropes course
  • Get enough sleep the night before
  • Get ready for the activities with information from your group’s organizer or the company hosting the ropes course
  • Use your insect repellant and sunblock
  • Stretch your body to be ready for the ropes course physical challenge

You can buy a hat for your group members and they can keep it afterward to remind them of their fun time with their organization. Get bulk custom hats, and specifically, you could get bulk Richardson hats, which come in multiple styles.

Was it a Success?

If your group shared laughs, felt synergy with one another and the activities you were doing together, felt a sense of accomplishment, and had some good photo moments, you had a successful ropes course experience. Be certain to capture those photographs and you will use these to send a friendly card or email to summarize the day. 

The facilitators should help your group apply what they learned to their work with the organization. They usually have a process to help the group talk about and understand the value of their ropes course experience


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