StorHub Self Storage – Why Choose StorHub Self Storage?

StorHub Self is one of Singapore’s largest self storage networks, with a presence in China. Its portfolio comprises 12 storage facilities – 11 in Singapore and one in Shanghai.

The company’s CEO, Luigi La Tona, notes that space is a scarce commodity in Singapore 迷你倉. That’s why space-constrained households in the city-state have turned to self-storage as a way to store their belongings.

Easy access to your belongings

At StorHub Self, you can pop in and out of your preferred storage facility as often as you like. Our security and emergency systems — 24/7 recorded CCTV, fire protection systems and pin code access — ensure that your items are kept safe and sound.

StorHub Self offers flexible storage terms and a variety of unit sizes to meet any storage need. Whether you are a hobbyist with growing collections, a WFH warrior or a family that needs extra space, we have a solution for you.

Climate-controlled storage spaces

If you’re storing items that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, then climate-controlled storage is probably the best option for you. Keeping temperature and humidity levels steady is vital for items like antiques, furniture, and electronics.

A lot can happen to your belongings while they’re in storage. Moisture buildup, extreme temperatures, and pests can all make things go bad quickly.

Luckily, StorHub Self has a number of climate-controlled storage spaces available in various locations. If you’re unsure whether or not climate-controlled storage is right for you, answer a few simple questions first to help decide if it’s worth the extra cost.

24/7 recorded CCTV

At StorHub Self, you get access to your storage unit at any time of day or night. This includes weekends, and is a feature that most self-storage operators don’t offer.

How long your footage lasts depends on several factors, including the recording option you choose, the resolution of your camera, and the compression technology used to reduce video size.

For example, a 6TB storage drive can store 1,596 days of continuous video signal at 352×240 image resolution and MPEG-4 compression. How frequently old data is deleted is also a question of personal choice.

Secure pin-code access

At StorHub Self, you can access your storage unit 24/7 using your own pin code. You’ll keep the key to your padlock, so no one else can get into your storage area unless you do.

Whether you’re storing personal items or company documents, StorHub offers safe and reliable self storage services that allow you to resolve space constraints at home or in your office.

All our self storage facilities are equipped with advanced security protocols such as 24/7 recorded CCTV and secure pin-code access per floor. You can also lock up your self storage unit with a padlock of your choice for added protection.

Flexible storage terms

As one of the first self storage operators in Singapore, StorHub Self offers a wide range of flexible storage terms that cater to your unique needs. For example, customers can rent a storage space for as short as 1 month!

The storage spaces also come with 24/7 recorded CCTV and secure PIN code access to ensure that your belongings are always safe.

This is especially important for businesses in the e-commerce industry, which is experiencing rapid growth. These businesses are attracted to self-storage options that provide them with varying storage areas, low prices, and flexible leases that can be as short as a month.

Easy payment options

StorHub Self offers a range of easy payment options to make your storage experience a breeze. Choose from cash, credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Union Pay or online bank transfer, Alipay and WeChat pay.

With over 18 facilities across Singapore, StorHub Self is your go-to option for all your short-term and long-term storage needs. It offers 24/7 recorded CCTV, fire protection systems, pin code access, flexible storage terms and an extensive storage size range.

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