5 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Swimming Pool in Melbourne

As summer inches closer and people start ditching warm clothes for shorts, the thought of installing a pool in your backyard seems irresistible. However, before installing a swimming pool in Melbourne backyards, think about the what, why, where, and when questions.

For instance, if you want a swimming pool only because it is trendy, you should ruminate over it for some time. Installing and maintaining a pool is not a mere purchase; it is an investment and a commitment. It is a significant addition to your lifestyle, though signs point towards it being a positive change. From hosting pool parties to playing with your family to de-stressing, a backyard pool works wonders for your mood.

Did you know “pool” was also the most-searched word on Melbourne property listing domains in 2022? However, pool projects require time, energy, and patience. Therefore, before diving in, consider and answer the following questions.

What Does Your Dream Pool Look Like?

If you have a hard time making decisions, don’t worry. There are plenty of swimming pools in the sea! The range of options you can play around with makes pool planning a fun activity, from shapes and styles to sizes. Before commencing the installation process, look up the various types of swimming pools. For instance, fibreglass pools are a hit in Melbourne homes. They are low maintenance and last longer, are feet-friendly, and are durable.

Where Will You Install It?

The location of your pool might seem like a minor matter, but it is a crucial decision. If your property stretches across acres, you can build the swimming pool wherever you like. However, from smaller properties, pick a pool that fits your space. Choose a customisable and flexible swimming pool that sprues up your outdoor area and serves its function without hiccups.

When Will You Use It?

If cities experienced mood swings, Melbourne would be a prime example. Known as the city that undergoes four seasons in a day, living in Melbourne prepares you to handle any weather. However, while you can use a pool any time of the year, choose one that is well-equipped to deal with the city’s unpredictable nature. For instance, ensure your pool has an overhead cover to protect you from a sudden sky shower or intense heat.

What is Your Budget?

Like other home décor accessories, building a swimming pool in Melbourne houses also requires thorough budget planning and consideration. A fibreglass pool installation costs around $25,000-$75,000, whereas an in-ground swimming pool ranges between $40,000 and $100,000. You will undoubtedly find an excellent pool that fits your finances.

Do You Plan to Move Out?

Installing a pool in your house is a commitment. If you are pouring your time, resources, and energy into this project, consider its long-term implications. Building a pool is an excellent decision if this is your permanent residence. On the other hand, suppose your work keeps transferring you from one place to another; then you could install a pool for the time being and sell the house when you move out. In Melbourne, a pool adds as much value to your home as its building and installation costs.

Wrapping Up

Adding a swimming pool in Melbourne houses is a sound investment. Not only does it offer you respite from the city’s unforgiving heat, but it also de-stresses you and allows you to host gatherings. Before building one, consider your budget, preference, location, and long-term plans to make a confident and informed decision.

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