Passcode Big Deal review 

Mumbai is often known as the city of dreams and there is one dream that everyone has – buying a home! Mumbai’s real estate is always buzzing so there’s no shortage of good residential projects but getting a great deal that is worth every penny is a challenging task! While searching for a property to live in, I was told about an on-going residential complex in Goregaon West named Passcode Big Deal. I checked the site and I was so impressed that I finally decided to buy a spacious apartment! I can confidently say that it offers many amenities, to make it more efficient. Also, the price of the property is very affordable, ranging from 1.02 Crores to 1.4 Crores.

Amenities in Passcode Big Deal That I Love

Amenities at Passcode Big Deal are one of the major reasons why I decided to buy a property here. Since I live with my family, it is important to me that every family member gets to spend quality time. 

● Playground

● surveillance camera

● Fire Prevention

● Gym

● Steam room

● Beauty salon

● Parking for visitors

● Cybersecurity

● The clubhouse

● Rink for skating

● Standby power

● Plant for treating wastewater

● Court squash

Why Purchase a Property at Passcode Big Deal?

Your desire to live in an apartment in a Mumbai suburb will become a reality if you purchase a property at Passcode Big Deal, and the urban lifestyle will become a part of who you are. It ensures you live close to important landmarks, tech parks, schools, universities, hospitals, and anything else you require while also providing that you breathe healthier air. You will never run out of room or positive energy in 100% Vastu-compliant homes since every square inch of the housing unit is widely employed to present you with a large and radiant home. With the building’s prime location in Goregaon West and the many amenities the builder has worked hard to create; you’ll never miss out on occurrences in the world.

A well-kept clubhouse, community hall, kids’ play area, and pool house are also available on the property to meet your and your children’s socialising, fitness, wisdom, & entertainment demands.

Location Benefits of Living At Passcode Big Deal

I completely understand the significance of a decent housing area that must have easy access to dependable transit, and Passcode Big Deal excels in this area. The Passcode Big Deal homes are strongly built apartments in a newly built skyscraper available at affordable prices, strategically based near the Mrinal Tai Gore Flyover and close to the Goregaon Train Station. They are also ideally placed to keep you near the important parts of the city. You would never have to worry about travelling or being on time again if you purchased a property at Passcode Big Deal. Its geographic benefits include things such as:

● Within three to seven minutes, there is a bus stop at Nesco IT Park and the Goregaon Police Station.

● Within nine to ten minutes, there is a train station between Ram Mandir and Goregaon.

● Mallika Hospital and Yashada Maternity & Nursing Home may be reached in 9–12 minutes.

Reputation Of the Builder

Prominent real estate developer Integrated & Ground Holding works efficiently to provide clients with the finest residences. Integrated & Ground Holding has a solid reputation in the sector thanks to its 37 years of business experience and competent team of planners, designers, builders, entrepreneurs, and patrons. The business is renowned for its robust aesthetic appeal and endurance. One building at a time, Integrated & Ground Holding has attained unfathomable heights of success with painstakingly constructed skyscrapers like Passcode Big Deal.


Passcode Big Deal is one of the best residential properties available in Goregaon West locality. Don’t forget to check verified information about the properties in Mumbai on before visiting the site.


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