Motion Boom Speakers: Perfect For An Outdoor Party

For gatherings of friends or family, boom speakers can make a statement. Play the music on these distortion-free, high volume speakers during the party and enjoy your time. 

The stereo sound of boom speakers is distorted free, so you do not have to worry about it even when the volume is higher.

Here are the major pros of boom speakers:

Extreme Sound 

For an outdoor party or gathering, you need some really loud music. Motion boom speakers have extreme volume, which remains distortion-free with a huge stereo experience. You just have to press the button, and your favourite songs will make the party memorable.

Water Resistant

With IPX7 water protection, boom speakers are at another level. With full protection against water, you are allowed to place the speaker in the pool as it floats on the water. 


If the speakers have an interaction with water, you do not have to freak out. You can drop the speakers into the water while swimming. They’ll float on water and not stop working. 


Pure titanium diaphragms of Motion boom’s driver will make it compatible with rough and tough routines. You can effortlessly carry these speakers in your car without the hassle of cables or a specific stand.


After one charge, you do not have to care about the playtime of boom speakers for 24 hours. You can use these for camping on weekends and at the beach. You’ll spend your whole day along with your favourite music in the best quality audio.


Download the application of soundcore and customize the EQ through it. You can switch between multiple EQ modes fin a few clicks. 


Voice mode allows to sync voices, treble mode provides loud music with higher frequency, and the balanced mode plays moderate music sound, which is neither low nor too loud.


Boom speakers connect via Bluetooth to your device, either a cell phone or laptop. You can connect with a single click and adjust the options with your phone. It does not require complete attention to move forward from the current song, all of that will be set on your smartphone.


 To energize your crowd, choose from the 3 given party games. You can also remix and add sound effects by simply swiping and talking. There are two modes as well, indoor and outdoor. The indoor model has a more balanced sound, while the outdoor one has an intense bass. 


Motion Boom Speakers


If you are a party lover, then you are going to love this product. It gives you an intense bass that will fill your environment with 30W of quality sound. These speakers are given with waterproof casing so that no disaster comes amidst your fun.


They give you phenomenal depth because of their huge frequency range, which goes from 50Hz-40kHz. These speakers can be used for 12 hours to allow you to have uninterrupted fun. 


For the detail of each product of soundcore, you may download the application of Soundcore. You can also avail of some new user discounts as well. 


The official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online. You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.


With these products by SoundCore, you do not need to worry about the atmosphere at your party. These speakers will take your party to a whole new level. You can enjoy the party without worrying about your speakers’ safety. 


The affordable prices of almost all of the boom speakers in each series will fit into your budget. Check out the website and order the motion boom speaker that fits best into your budget, and you’ll get them without compromising the quality features.



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