Is 1 Year of Current Affairs Enough For UPSC?

Current affairs hold an essential part in the UPSC exams, and their significance is increasing every year. In both Prelims and Mains, most of their questions are current affairs-oriented. In UPSC, current affairs are a dynamic and indefinite part of the syllabus; therefore, it requires much time to cover this subject.

Various candidates get confused about where to start as this is a vast topic and includes many things. Therefore, the first thing you should do is start reading the Daily Current Affairs by referring to newspapers and monthly magazines. To get a fair idea of the topics, refer to the UPSC SYllabus and check the UPSC previous years’ solved papers.

Why are Current Affairs Important for UPSC Preparation?

There is no specific answer to this question, but as an aspirant and future civil servant, the Commission looks out for candidates who are well-informed about their surroundings. Therefore, when you start preparing, cover all the topics per the UPSC syllabus. As per the trend of previous years’ question papers, it has been observed that many questions in the current affairs section were asked in the recent years.

To cover Current Affairs smartly, the first thing you should do is check the IAS Syllabus to know the topics you need to study. Post that makes your study schedule, which will help you complete your syllabus well before time. To get complete information on the UPSC syllabus and current affairs questions, you should sign up with BYJU’S Exam Prep. They render students excellent quality study material and all the information required on current affairs.

Is 1 Year Current Affairs Sufficient to Crack UPSC?

The answer would be yes; as per the research done, it can be said that 1 year is enough. But, try covering the last 18 months if you do not want to leave any stone unturned to clear your dream exam.

You can get well-versed with it by checking current daily affairs; you will not miss any vital information. This can be done by reading newspapers every day and covering the topics per the IAS syllabus.

The newspapers recommended for UPSC aspirants are The Hindu or Indian express; you should also read PIB releases. If you want to complete your syllabus in a year, you should limit your sources, make notes of the news and focus on issues, not information.

Strategy for Covering Studying 1-Year Current Affairs

Start with a new approach and design that is different from others and will save a lot of time. Here is an essential tip for you; once you know the topic you need to study, do not read every detail; instead, note the main points. Focus more on facts rather than collecting the small details that are of no use.

The next important thing is to divide your 1 year into three phases. For the first three months, study from the basic NCERT Books for UPSC and build your firm foundation.

In the second phase, go for subject-wise study from UPSC Books. It is advised to read essential books only, do not buy any other book.

In the third phase, you need to revise and decide on the source. Solve previous year’s papers and evaluate your performance.

We have tried to inform you about the ideal way of completing your current affairs preparation in 1 year. You cannot miss reading the newspapers as that is your primary source for getting updates on current National and International events.

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