Key Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket on BalleBaazi

Fantasy Cricket

Thoughtful cricket has grown significantly in recent years and is enjoyed by millions around the world. Cricket is more than just a sport in India, it is a religion of some and the feelings of others. Nothing beats the excitement of getting rid of a nail biting in a cricket match. So why stop watching cricket when you can take your love of the game to the next level with fantasy cricket?

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is an online, strategy-based sports game where you have to create a visual team of real cricket players playing in real games around the world. You get points based on the performance of these players in real games. The goal is to select your 11 best teams to play on a given day and get more points than your competitors.

One of the leading sports websites, BalleBaazi is focused on one of the newest and most popular cricket matches for Indian sports fans. At BalleBaazi you can choose to play standard cricket formats in T20, ODI & Tests in various domestic leagues, international tournaments and ICC games. In the Fantasy cricket app, you will also encounter various features not found in other similar apps, such as second innings competition, 5 side fantasy or anything in all 4 innings of a Test match.

Fantasy cricket is not just a game of chance, it is a skill game that requires excellent analysis and prediction skills. Understanding the game of cricket with a little research will help you gather the information needed to overcome challenges and win the game. BalleBaazi has facilitated this with in-game information, game analysis and player statistics to give you that competition from players from all over the country and win big cash prizes.

How do you get started with BalleBaazi cricket?

So now that we have discussed the basics of fantasy cricket, let’s start with BalleBaazi. To play fantasy cricket you need to download the BalleBaazi app. Go to the BalleBaazi website and the first thing you will see is an ad where you have to enter your mobile number and click on ‘Get the App Link’. This will send the app link directly to your mobile phone. You need to install the app by clicking on ‘install from unknown sources’ and you have the App ready to run on your mobile phone.

While on mobile, you can visit the BalleBaazi website in any browser and click the ‘Download app’ tab to start downloading the BalleBaazi.apk file.

How Can You Get Started In Thinking Cricket?

Follow the steps given below to start playing your first fun cricket match:

  • Choose the sport you’d wish to play
  • Create your own 11-player team
  • Choose a captain and a deputy
  • Enter a contest of your choice by selecting the amount of money
  • Follow the game and follow your progress on the leaderboard

Great Benefits of Playing Online Fun Cricket

As a nation of cricket fans, this game is focused on all of us. Fantasy cricket gives you the opportunity to put your cricket knowledge to good use and use your brain cells. Moreover, the joy of winning and the challenges make it absolutely compelling. Here are some of the key benefits of playing secret cricket every day:

  • Learn more about the game
  • Demonstrate your cricketing skills
  • Join a community of like-minded people
  • Make the game more fun
  • Opportunity to win exciting cash prizes
  • Get the right to brag to your friends and colleagues

Why Do You Play Good Cricket in BalleBaazi?

There are many Fantasy cricket platforms but BalleBaazi comes with new features and improvements to keep the game attractive and engaging. Here are some of the features that BalleBaazi came up with and some of the first industries.

Player Details

This is the first industry in which we provide statistics on the players in the last five games they have played, that you have made that informed decision about which player to take.

Pre-game reviews

One of the first things BalleBaazi gives you is pregame information about which players to choose, tone and weather.

Play all 4 innings of the test match

Now you do not need to wait five days for the match game to finish , you’ll play each innings because it happens and build teams. Increase your chances of winning during game play by playing a full game for every 4 innings. Yes, this is also the first time in the industry.

2nd Innings Competition

Tired of seeing in the middle with 1 innings that your team won’t win you any money? Don’t worry, we’ve put you in the second innings race. Now you can create a second group of innings and get another chance to win. This is another new feature introduced by BalleBaazi.

8 languages

Our country has many languages   and sports has no language. Now choose a language where you are comfortable playing Fantasy cricket.

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