How Do You Choose the Right Bra?

Choosing the right bra is necessary to support the breasts appropriately and avoid medical problems. A bra size calculator helps one find the perfect size required using simple breast measurements that one can note at home. These calculations help in finding the correct cup and band size. 

One may have many other benefits from their bras that may help them in various ways, like in terms of support, attractiveness, and comfort. So, here are some steps for choosing the right bra.

Bra Style

It is vital to pick the right style for the occasion, as different kinds of bras provide varying coverage, support, and push. But nevertheless, one has to ensure that they invest in the right type for everyday uses and special events. Moreover, different bras form different kinds of volumes. As such, push-up bras are the best choice for a low-neck top or dress. Lacy bras also produce a similar effect that is also aesthetic in addition to the volume. 

Sports bras, padded bras, t-shirt bras, etc., are some types that help during different occasions. But, make sure to choose the appropriate kind of bras for daily use since most exquisite ones need hefty maintenance and cannot be worn every day. 

Right Size

Studies suggest that a wrong-sized bra can cause health concerns like breast cancer, which can be best avoided by wearing a fitting bra. Although, make sure to leave a little room for breathing and comfort while measuring. Meanwhile, a bra size calculator uses the ‘under the breast and ‘over the breast measurements to calculate what length band and cup size fit you the best. 

Apart from these sizes, make sure the bandwidth is appropriate as well. It determines the support and coverage, which also holds the breasts tightly. One can use a larger bandwidth when they are wearing tight clothing. Also, revealing clothes can be worn in combination with thinner straps that can be accommodated in the dress, blend, or hide perfectly. 

  • Cups: Make sure the breasts fill the cups of the bra all the way. Also, it is necessary to lower the cup size if they do not fill and move up a size if they fall out. 
  • Band: Wearing a tight band can be extremely painful. The bra should not be too loose either since it cannot accommodate the breasts perfectly, resulting in poor hold and support. 


Bras are considerably costly, and a lot of bras sold for special occasions can tear easily. They have a delicate care procedure that can be tough to carry out. So, make sure to invest in bras that require minimum maintenance and do not wear out faster. 

In the meantime, the quality of the bra determines its durability. A thin bra might require a different care procedure compared to a silky satin one. Besides, these bras might need more than a machine wash. And, an everyday usage bra needs to be the most sustaining since it cannot wear out quickly. 

Also, make sure to invest in new bras on noticing the signs of wear and tear. It also needs replacement if the size does not fit anymore and causes irritation. 

So, to make it easy, here are some ways to maintain a bra perfectly:

  • Use mild detergents that do not ruin the color of the bra or the material. 
  • Make sure to find if the bra needs machine wash or hand wash before separating clothes. 
  • Hang-dry them properly to avoid uneven drying and improper shaping.
  • Handle them delicately so the cup size and shape are not affected since it can cause permanent damages.
  • Do not drain them as it ruins their structure and quality, and leave them to dry naturally. 

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