Which Scams Can Be Suppressed By Face Recognition Technology?

Nowadays, with the establishment of the world, the fraudsters are also getting advanced and applying all modern techniques in performing scams for their illicit and inhuman actions. All Know Your Business have been facing high alert consequences related to identities for decades, but they are enhanced in number now after the breakdown of coronavirus where all workings are converted from manual to digital. To combat the frauds regarding identity theft, online face verification was introduced, which is used to verify the identity of an individual based on their unique biological characteristics like eye retina, fingerprints, voices, smiles, etc. Moreover, the face verification solution is the first priority in all businesses, who use this compliance to onboard the clients and improve the security measures. Such biometric systems are always the need of time for the prevention of fraudsters and scammers.

What Is An Online Face Verification Solution?

Facial recognition is mandatory in all businesses that should be availed to verify the clients by their facial attributes. This biometric system is being used in all businesses like corporate companies, financial institutions, academics, and many more for the prevention of illegal entities entering a system. Online face verification SaaS provider is accomplishing all institutions and providing them comfort online by authenticating all legal and illegal individuals in real-time, who desired to be part of the system. This compliance accurately affirms that the person entering an institution and the already registered entity are the same, not an imposter.

Why Facial Recognition Is A Need Of An Hour?

Face verification is highly recommended for authenticating identities, because of the crime rate that is increasing day by day. New tactics are being imposed by scammers for the purpose of stealing the personal credentials of the individuals who are attached to the business and are holding all sensitive data. Businesses that are carrying personal information of their staff, employees, and clients, if it is stolen, can damage the productivity and prestige of an institution.

Types Of The Fraud

There are several frauds that are alerting the verifying businesses, and making them conscious to practice face verification regulation, that is such as;

Fake Identity

Lawbreakers generate authentic documents and cards with the help of fake individuals, such cards are not government approved and are not issued by legal departments, therefore it makes it an illegal act. These fake documents are the same as the original ones and have slight to no changes. But, with the use of artificial intelligence, face verification solution eliminates all loopholes and detect all forged documents that are edited, tempered with, photoshopped, along with the cross-match of the face of a person with the picture on the document and make identification checks such as liveness detection and observe face characteristics to detect the fakeness.

Synthetic Identity

The fake identities are based on the data of other persons by stealing their information and inserting it on a newly generated document and putting their own pictures on it to show that this document is fully genuine. In this, the credentials that are usually used by criminals are of minors and elders just because of reason that they are not frequently used. This synthetic identity is mostly missed by organizations because of the lack of practice of face recognition technology.

The Mechanism Of Face Recognition

Facial verification is playing a vital role in the verification of identity, which helps to save an institution from identity theft. Furthermore, the need for face verification software is growing in businesses to meet the level of security of their customers and provide results as quickly as it can with accuracy. Ai-powered face verification is striving hard to combat identity theft, and for that, some steps are needed to be followed, such as

Face Matching

The first step in facial recognition SaaS provider is that at first, it analyzes the picture of the face on documents with the provided picture and makes an analysis by observing that the picture is fake or real, by this the fraudsters will not try to attempt to edit or tempered with the photo, but if they try, they will be detected on time.

Liveness Detection

It is the second step of verification, in which the liveness of a person is detected through live video call, and the individual is verified with the help of face verification technology. The live photo was cross-matched with the photo on documents and is detected if any spoofing is captured. Furthermore, spoof attacks like uploading an old video of another person from any social media site are also examined by this face verification software.

3D Depth Analysis

In this third step of authentication, the microexpressions of individuals are analyzed in-depth, for example, the space between both eyes, the spaces between the lips and the mouth, and all other microexpressions like the fine lines of smiling are also detected in 3D depth perception. Moreover, if a person is wearing 2D and 3D masks while making a picture or video, he is also identified by this face recognition technology.

The Final Verdict

To sum up the whole conversation, it is assumed that a face verification solution is a necessity of the current age, that is required in all businesses for authentication of legal or illegal entities entering in a system. It will help out all institutions in safeguarding the personal credentials of their clients and identity theft.

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