Chocolate Is Love & Here Are The Types Of This Love

Chocolate isn’t just a food item but an emotion! You don’t need any surveys to prove what you just read in the first line as you can experience it first hand. You can also call chocolate food that does the best in uniting people of all ages, cultures, and areas. Get the Best Chocolates at Mid-Day Squares.

A chocolate lover has once said,” I become best friends with someone who is ready to share his/her chocolate with me.” 

To sweeten the mouth or to persuade someone, there can be no better option than chocolate. No one likes sweets, but it is very difficult to control by looking at chocolate. Let’s talk about different types of chocolates. Which not everyone knew about. So, let’s know, so that the next time you go to buy, you will know the difference between them.

The Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is the second most popular chocolate. It is slightly less sweet but is very beneficial for health. If you want to prepare a dish with chocolate, then use dark chocolate in it, which gives a very good texture and flavor. Among all the types of chocolate, dark chocolate is considered one of the best for health. And those who are true lovers of dark chocolate, don’t love to eat other types of chocolate that much. 

The Baking chocolate

It is also called unsweetened which means it has no taste. It is specially made for baking purposes, it cannot be eaten. Mixing with other ingredients can double the taste of your recipe. Even though it is not a direct consuming item, baking chocolate has a lot of demand and provides profits to the business as well. Chocolate flavoured birthday cakes for boys and girls surely brings the money in. 

The Cocoa powder

When chocolate is melted at very high temperatures, its liquid part separates, and the solid part that remains is made into powder. There are also two types of cocoa powder – natural cocoa, which is light brown in color and the other is Dutch cocoa, which is dark in color and mild flavor. Cocoa powder is mostly used in baking procedures and is very less consumed directly or maybe not even consumed. 

The Bittersweet chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate is mostly 50% cocoa. It is slightly bitter compared to other chocolates. Its taste is mildly sweet, so it can also be called extra dark chocolate. You might not consider having it directly without any other combination but there are some chocolate lovers who love it like that.

The White chocolate

White chocolate does not contain chocolate liqueur or any other cocoa products. Even its taste is not like chocolate but like smooth vanilla. White chocolate is made up of sugar, cocoa butter, milk, vanilla, and lecithin. People do say that white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate but it is highly loved by kids around the world. 

The Milk chocolate

It is one of the most popular and everyone’s favorite. This chocolate with light brown color, creamy texture, and sweetness is used exclusively for food. It contains 10 to forty percent cocoa which is made up of sugar and milk. This chocolate has the perfect amount of cocoa to please the taste buds of the masses and you don’t have to develop a specific taste to love it. 

It is also worth mentioning that chocolate is one of the most selling and most loved cake flavour around the world. You can have the data of bakeries, online bakeries, and food delivery apps providing online cake delivery in Chandigarh or any other city, and you will know that most of the orders are for the chocolate cake. 

The love for chocolate has gone so far that chocolate bars remain one of the most essential food items for astronauts while they stay up there in the cosmic universe out of the range of gravity. 

You can have chocolate flavour in protein shakes, chocolate sweets, chocolate pizza, chocolate candies, chocolate shakes, chocolate momos, and so many more. 

It is a world of chocolate and hence this world also has a world chocolate day to celebrate. Chocolate is such a thing that is surreal and beyond extinction!

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