3 Casino Games Celebrities Love

The casino is a place that some of our biggest entertainment and media stars frequent and like to spend time at. They have both the funds and the free time to be able to do so, and this article looks at the celebrities and their favorite casino games.


Poker has been the main casino game that is loved by a substantial number of popular celebrities. Michael Jordan, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Tilley are all huge poker fans and have become known for their love of the game. In fact, Ben Affleck once entered and played in the California poker championship, showing just how much he loves his cards and especially poker. It’s a game that needs cunning, perseverance, and a fair amount of luck, and any of these in the right amounts will make for a great poker game. Then there’s the winning, we all love to win, and the celebrities, as abovementioned, are no different, if not more competitive. The fact that they can now also play for Bitcoin at places like mbitcasino.io also brings a whole new element of high stakes to the game. Larger bets and more immediate pay-outs make for a faster, more seamless system for fun.

The slots

The slot machines are well-loved, and Paris Hilton is one of those celebrities that have been open about how much she loves the slots, especially in Vegas. She is known for playing the slots on the main floor of some of the biggest casinos in Vegas and has even posted on social media showing some of her big wins. Being able to play small amounts for massive jackpots on the floor of a great casino or online is a wonderful way to spend some time at the casino. The slots are fast-paced, solitary, and yet the quintessential casino game for many, and that’s why they play.


21, AKA blackjack, has become a leading card game of some of the top celebrities out there. Two of the top players have been Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, who openly shared their love for this game as they prepared for their respective movies. Then they continued to play in real life on a regular basis. Tiger Woods is another blackjack lover and has been known to play a few rounds when the weather keeps him in the clubhouse. Lastly, Don Johnson, the original Miami Vice actor, is known for having made a lot more on blackjack than he has on recent movies. It’s a game that requires quick thinking, great maths (to 21), and the ability to make bets and decisions speedily.

There are also a number of other casino games that are played by our favorite celebrities, and most share these on social media. Watching those that we may follow playing these games is a great way to spend some time and will also give you a number of playing tips for games than those mentioned herein specialize in.

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