Best hair transplant treatment for bald men in Pune

Hair plays a very important part in one’s looks; hence one cannot take it lightly at all. Especially men, who after a certain age go through hair loss problems, and this is where they can get the hair transplant treatment done to solve all their hair problem issues.

A dermatologist or plastic surgeon removes hair follicles from the donor site and places them on the bald patches of the scalp. This is the procedure called hair transplant. Usually, baldness in men takes place in the front and Crown portion of the scalp. 

This is why plastic surgeons prefer to pick the hair follicles from the side or back part of the head. Because typically, in this portion, hair is a bit denser. Male baldness patterns commonly indicate hair thinning hair loss and weakness in the follicles on the scalp. This hair thinning for hair loss can happen for a lot of different reasons. 

Poor Lifestyle choices like heavy smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of nutrition due to poor diet, hectic work life, and diseases like diabetes or thyroid or hormonal issues can cause this balding. 

Best hair transplant treatment for bald men in Pune

Prescription medication can take care of mild-to-moderate hair thinning problems. But for Major hair thinning issues, doctors consider hair transplantation procedures to be the best.

Best hair transplants in Pune provide effective and extensive thinning and hair loss remedies for male patients who are victims of the male baldness pattern. Hair transplantation procedure is a result-oriented treatment. Male patients can get the look of their preferred hairline.

Benefits: Here are some of the primary benefits of hair transplant, which you should note:

Permanent solution:

The consequences of hair transplantation are long-lasting. So, patients can be sure that the results are permanent. The procedure takes a bit of time to heal. Hair transplantation procedure suits male hair patients with excessive hair fall and baldness pattern on the scalp. 

Saves money:

Most individuals think that a hair transplant is a very costly procedure. The majority of the male patients try to seek other less expensive remedies. But if they pose for a second and see the whole picture, they will only understand the point. 

There are multiple doctors’ appointments, chances of prescribed medicine, or countless office non-surgical remedies. If the male patients quickly add them up, they are bound to come across huge numbers. 

This considerable cost does not even come with a long-term fix. Sufferance has to keep visiting the clinic, which will continue to increase the numbers. On the other hand, the best hair transplant in Pune offers one-time surgery at a reasonable cost.

Looks natural:

Hair transplant surgeons have reported that male balding pattern victims only desire to get natural-looking voluminous hair. Unlike wigs and extensions, experienced hair transplant surgeons map out a robust donor site. 

Then they start the procedure by sourcing out the healthy hair follicles and plant those hair follicles in the thinning parts of the scalp. So, after the recovery, the male patients are naturally growing out their hair. So, patience can achieve a fresh yet natural look.


Well-known hair clinics and experienced plastic surgeons offer natural-looking long-term solutions through their hair transplant treatment for male baldness patterns at an affordable cost.

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