Benefits of Consuming Vegan Protein

Starting in 2019, there has been a considerable increase in the number of conversions to Veganism – a lifestyle that solely depends on plant-based consumption. Currently, there are over 79 million people who abide by a vegan diet.

With the fitness industry seeing massive growth in the last few years, plant based protein and other fitness supplements have also seen increased demand.

Read on to learn more on how it can benefit anyone, vegan or otherwise.

What is Vegan Protein?

Vegan protein is basically protein obtained from plant sources such as pea, rice, and soy. It can be difficult to get enough protein into a plant-based diet. Hence, vegan protein shakes are a practical and common way to get a protein boost, essential for supporting muscle growth during gym training.

Benefits of Consuming Vegan Protein
Benefits of Consuming Vegan Protein

Benefits of Vegan Protein Consumption

In addition to being an environmentally sustainable way of incorporating supplements into a diet, plant-based protein has several other advantages.

Aids Post-training Recovery

Protein supplements used after strength and resistance training can assist in ramping up recovery and repair by minimising muscle damage and increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Weight Control

Protein supplements, according to research, may help people feel full for more extended periods of time, resulting in less snacking and, as a result, fewer calories ingested overall. Furthermore, plant-based protein powders can help lower total cholesterol and blood pressure.

Dietary Intolerance

Dietary intolerances may also play a significant role in a person’s choice of protein supplement. Whey protein, the most commonly consumed protein supplement, is made from milk and should be avoided by people who are lactose or dairy intolerant.

On the other hand, plant based proteins are often gentler on the digestive tract and high in natural fibre, which aids in keeping the digestive system functioning and bowel movements consistent.

Moreover, vegan protein is also halal certified, making it ideal for everyone’s consumption.

Provides Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids, in particular, are critical for protein synthesis, which is required for tissue repair and muscle growth, among other biological functions. While human bodies manufacture these necessary amino acids naturally, one should also seek to receive them from his or her diet.

The best plant based protein shakes on the market also have all essential amino acids and pea protein, which is high in leucine. Organic protein powders manufactured from peas, hemp, and soy are high in amino acids and other beneficial nutrients, making them a perfect alternative to whey.

Variety of Flavours

Vegan products usually have a reputation for having one-dimensional and bland flavours. However, Vegan protein powders are available in a variety of exciting flavours. These range from plain protein to a chocolate variant and everything in between.

Wrapping Up

There is no saying whether plant based protein is better than Whey protein or not. However, it is an excellent substitute that provides all necessary nutrients and supplementation for those who involve themselves in heavy workouts but have dietary restrictions.

With the popularity of Vegan products on the rise, there is an abundance of plant based supplements, including protein powders. With proper supervision, it is always an option worth exploring as it could provide even better results!

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