5 health benefits you did not know about CBD oil

Cannabis Sativa has for the longest time been frowned upon; rightfully so because its use is addictive and often leads to serious mental instability. As humanity grapples with new ailments and mutations of common illnesses, doctors are turning to nature for remedies. CBD is oil is extracted from the Cannabis plant and is believed to cure intense pain as well as suppresses conditions such as epilepsy.

Much of the effects of CBD oil are exactly what users of marijuana experience but without the intoxicating state. To a large extent users of marijuana, although in a kind of stupor, manage illness considerably well; a good number are in relatively good health. The intoxicating effect is due to a compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is present albeit in insignificant trace in some CBD oil products.

When you visit a pharmacist that has been authorized to sell CBD oil products, you will encounter the product in various concentrations. While oil is a popular presentation of CBD, the same can be sold in the form of gummies, under-the-tongue CBD sprays and capsules.

The fact that CBD processing has now been licensed in several states in the United States means that the market is now receptive of its role in various treatment regimes. Pain management is of particular concern because most illness faith based recovery programs through pain and discomfort. The following 5 benefits of CBD oil are unknown to many;

Relieves nerve pain

CBD is often administered as a prescription only drug to patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer. In a 2012 study on rats to establish the effectiveness of medical marijuana, it was concluded that a dose of CBD taken orally or through a spinal injection helped to reduce inflammation. Scientists are of the opinion that CBD works by slowing down pain reception to the brain by binding with glycine receptors.

Human studies that use isolated CBD do not exist; since marijuana has been in use since 2009 B.C as a pain reliever, its effect on pain cannot be denied. Morality issues however arise on getting high as a side effect of treatment.

5 health benefits you did not know about CBD oil

Controls anxiety

According to a 2015 study on the treatment of anxiety disorders using CBD, it was discovered that it is an anxiolytic (anxiety-reliever). In almost all the studies, lower doses of 10mg per kilo or less seemed to work better compared to doses of 100mg per kilo or more. Since CBD works by triggering an opposite reaction upon binding to a receptor, it makes sense that lower doses have a positive response while higher doses overwhelm the brain.

In 2019 study results published in the Journal of Psychiatry in Brazil, 57 male participants received either CBD or placebo right before they went to a public speaking event. Measuring anxiety by evaluating the vitals, investigators discovered that those that received 300mg of CBD expressed low anxiety compared to the placebo group. It is quite interesting to note that there was a group that received 100g and another of 600g that did not exhibit any change at all.

The rising cases of depression and anxiety are quite alarming especially because both conditions have often times led to serious harm to the patient and those around them. In younger patients that suffer from PTSD, CBD is effective in the treatment of insomnia. The action of CBD in responding to brain serotonin receptors has been attributed to its effectiveness in treating depression.

Relieves cancer symptoms

For patients undergoing chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, some of the adverse effects of treatment include vomiting, general discomfort and nausea. Although it does not completely wipe out the side effects of chemo, CBD oil may be beneficial in reducing these symptoms. There is no doubt that the emergence of cancer and other novel diseases has necessitated scientists to look for stronger pain formulations. Sometimes these medications fail where CBD oil scores all the time.

Treatment of addiction

It is quite ironical that within the same plant are compounds responsible for promoting addition and others for curing it. Addiction is a serious health problem because it changes the basic structure of the blood. Instead of drawing energy from food and the environment, addicts draw inspiration from substance abuse. In rehabilitation, doctors may use CBD oil to deal with withdrawal symptoms that occur when an addict stops using their product.

Since it is a natural blood pressure regulator, blood circulation issues that may arise during withdrawal treatment can often be controlled using this oil extract. In a 2015 review of 14 past studies on the effects of CBD on addiction, scientists came to the conclusion that the outcome was promising. The greatest challenge on this front has been the fact that CBD behaves differently for every addiction type.

Promotes heart health

When taken as a supplement, CBD oil can be effective in lowering the risk of developing heart disease. This is possible because the extract oil has been used effectively in the control and alleviation of high blood pressure for some individuals. This is according to a study that was published in the in JCI Insight in 2017.

In the study that featured 9 men who were in perfect health, each of the participants took 600mg of CBD or a placebo of the same quantity. The findings indicate that CBD lowers high blood pressure and regulates it during stressful situations such as in pregnancy. This means that extreme cold or exercise that would otherwise cause heavy panting and gasping does not change in people who had taken CBD.


CBD oil has been on the limelight for a long time as scientists try to influence legislation to have it licensed as a legal drug. All studies conducted on its efficiency and suitability as a form of alternative therapy show that indeed deserves to be recognized for its benefits. So far, it has been instrumental in the control of seizures in epileptics, management of stress and control of anxiety.

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