YouTube TV vs. Hulu Plus Live TV: How to choose the best live TV streaming service for you

There’s a lot of TV to watch and with sporting events like basketball and EPL soccer at full speed this is a good opportunity to look into an live streaming TV service. On CNET we’ve tried all six major live streaming services and two of our top choices for the most premium viewers and cord-cutters who want to pay a little more for a complete package of features and channelsand that includes YouTube television in addition to Hulu Plus Live TV.

A premium subscription allows you to reduce the cost of cable television cable with features such as an advanced DVR that comes with a programming guides and plenty of online content. Both offer a wide range of live channels including CNN, ESPN and TNT and local stations like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and more. They are accessible via streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, your game console, or on your smart TV that is itself.

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We generally like YouTube TV best, because of its superior DVR and several essential channels Hulu isn’t able to provide, like you neighborhood PBS channel. But, Hulu has been catching up with YouTube TV for channel selection including NFL Network and RedZone for the 2021 season, for instance. In addition, it has an enormous collection of shows on demand and films.

Here’s how they compare.                     

With a wide selection of channels with an easy-to-use interface, and the best cloud-based DVRs, YouTube TV is the top replacement for cable TV. It comes with a price of $20 for a upgrade to 4K, however the down side is that there’s not any programming available at the moment other than the channels you can watch. After YouTube TV’s dispute over carriage with Disney led to the blackout of all the 18 channels they came to an agreement that will allow access for users. Disney If you’re willing to paying a little higher than the Sling TVs around the globe or want to view streaming NBA game, youtube tv vs hulu live offers the best quality streamed live TV.

One of the biggest advantages of Hulu is the ability to integrate a complete range of TV shows that are live and a an enormous catalog of content on demand, all for one cost. The channel selection is good and includes a number of must-watch programs. The recent price hike to 70 dollars is inclusive of Disney Plus and ESPN Plus however, you’ll need pay an additional $10 a month for the option to turn off commercials on the cloud DVR service, which is costlier as YouTube TV.

YouTube TV and HULU Plus LIVE TV Comparing

Channels YouTube triumphs, however Hulu is also solid.

The most significant difference is due to channels. When comparing the total number of channels from our chart of top-rated channels available on each streaming service, YouTube TV comes in first place with 78 channels on the list, while there are 75 for Hulu. The total doesn’t cover all channels that the service offers only those that are in the top 100, as determined by the editors at CNET However, it gives a decent indication.

They share the majority of major national channels , such as Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News, NFL, TBS, USA Network and more, however there are some distinct differences.

Here’s a simplified version of the list that shows 18 channels of the 100 that are carried by one channel and it’s not another.


Both offer all four major local channels – ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC for the majority of areas across the nation as well as the local stations of The CW and MyTV. The only difference is that YouTube TV carries PBS local stations. You aren’t able to watch live your regional PBS channel live through Hulu.

Both services do not offer numerous regional sports networks following the two YouTube TV and Hulu removed the channels in 2020. Beyond RSNs However, YouTube TV has a big advantage over the international sports broadcasts, having each of MLB Network and NBA TV included in its basic package. Additionally, you can pay $11 to purchase an “Sports Plus” add-on that comprises Fox College Sports, GolTV, NFL RedZone as well as Fox Soccer Plus. Hulu subscribers can subscribe to an affordable $10 subscription that also includes NFL RedZone, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, MAVTV Motorsports Network, TVG and TVG2.


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Premium channels such as HBO, Starz and Showtime are also available for additional costs as well. Hulu has two different channel bundles. The first is an upgrade for $9.99 per month that includes 11 channels, including CNBC World, the Cooking Channel and Science The second is a Spanish-language bundle which includes 7 channels, priced at just $5. YouTube TV doesn’t have any other channel packages, but you can add channels such as Shudder and CuriosityStream with additional charges.

Utilizability YouTube TV has simpler menus and better DVR

The YouTube TV interface on Roku.

Interfaces as well as menus for both differ from each other, as well as from traditional cable. We prefer the menus on YouTube TV in general.

YouTube TV The general YouTube TV user interface makes it simpler to use and accessible only for those who are using the regular YouTube. When you’re on the desktop and application versions, Google’s streaming service offers an easier structure, even though it’s not as beautiful as Hulu.

Hulu plus Live TVHulu introduced a brand new interface for users in the year 2000 which brought it into the same league as its rivals. The design is more vibrant and more user-friendly to navigate and to drill down into the type of content you’d like to enjoy. If it were just about what interface is more enjoyable and enjoyable, then Hulu would be the winner.

The differences in the number of streams that can be simultaneously streamed is something worth noticing particularly for families and households who are avid viewers of television. YouTube TV allows you to stream to three devices, such as the TV in the living room along with a TV in the bedroom, and a tablet simultaneously and Hulu allows you to stream to up to two. You pay Hulu an extra $10 per month , and it will raise the stream count to unlimited.

The most significant benefit YouTube TV has to offer is its fantastic cloud-based DVR. It has unlimited storage and performs flawlessly, just as the DVR in your box. Hulu offers the cloud DVR with a 50-hour timer at a price of $70 however, it comes with one major drawback that it isn’t able to speed-forward commercials in recordings. To get this feature, you’ll have to pay an additional $10 to upgrade your DVR, which will also increase the capacities to two hundred hours of storage. The benefit of DVR: YouTube TV.

Originals and on-demand: Hulu with the runaway victory

YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers on-demand television films and shows from network and show partners similar to your cable provider. It additionally offers YouTube Originals free of commercials. However, it isn’t as good to Hulu. Like we said earlier the Hulu Plus Live TV membership allows you to access all the available on-demand TV shows and films available through the regular Hulu service, which includes hundreds of episodes of network TV shows in addition to originals such as A Handmaid’s Tale, Catch-22, Letterkenny and the movie Palm Springs. The most recent version of Disney-owned Hulu’s move into originals is FX available on Hulu and includes exclusive shows such as the upcoming shows Reservation Dogs as well as Nine Perfect Strangers.

Hulu Plus Live TV subscribers can upgrade their accounts at a cost of $6 to get rid of advertisements from the majority of live shows on demand, though certain shows will show advertisements.

Which is the best service for you?

Both are at the top of live TV streaming’s capabilities to offer. Both offer superior quality overall over the two other major choices, FuboTV and DirecTV streaming (formerly AT&T TV). The decision between these two depends on the channel you choose as well as usability and content and we have a book on the subject. YouTube TV bests Hulu Plus Live TV in the majority of these areas. Hulu allows you to incorporate an extensive selection of channels with its impressive on-demand library that could be worth the cost for certain channels. However, it’s about having access to your favourite channels, so pick the one that gives you the channels you desire.

Channel comparison

Below is the chart below, which is smaller than this huge chart of channels. It lists some of the most popular channels of every service. Notes:

  • Yes means that the channel is accessible on the most affordable pricing price. The price is displayed in the middle of the name of the service.
  • There is no means that the channel doesn’t accessible for any reason on this service.
  • $1 $ = This is a channel that can be used for an additional cost.
  • There’s no guarantee that every channel a company offers is included, only those that are listed as the “top 100” as determined by CNET’s editors. Smaller channels such as AXS TV, CNBC World, Discovery Life, GSN, POP and Universal Kids did not make it to the top 100.
  • Local sports channels are channels that are devoted to showing games during the regular season of specific pro basketball, baseball and hockey teams are not included in the. To determine if your local RSN is on the air, look up YouTube TV by ZIP code here and search Hulu Plus Live TV by ZIP code here.

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