You Can Still Use A Spa If You Have Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin often need to take drastic measures to prevent a breakout of itchy rashes on their delicate skin. More often than not, that simply means avoiding a certain activity – such as swimming in a pool or hot tubbing. What if I told you that those with sensitive skin don’t need to restrict themselves from having a relaxing hot soak in a spa? Keep reading to find out how. 

Affordable Hot Tub Options

If you’re going to soak in a hot tub, then you’ll need to make adjustments to it. So, getting your own hot tub is the only option. But don’t worry, because even the best portable hot tub nowadays isn’t that expensive. You won’t be missing anything if you get an inflatable spa, and it’s also more convenient to install. When it comes to function, they’re just as good as a regular (inground) hot tub, and running costs are slightly less because they tend to be smaller.

Salt Water Hot Tubs

Instead of adding chlorine solution to the hot tub (to sanitize it), a salt water hot tub is any hot tub that has a salt water system installed. This is a system that creates natural chlorine ions to sanitize the water. The used up chlorine is converted to salt (yes, like table salt). These systems are actually cheaper (and easier) to keep clean, and they are safe for sensitive skin. 

Why Salt Water Hot Tubs Aren’t Bad For Sensitive Skin

So what makes the salt water hot tub easier for sensitive skin? Most people are irritated by the chloramines that form when using chlorine solutions to disinfect swimming pools and hot tubs. This is the solution that gives pool water that distinct chlorine smell – which is the cause of irritation for sensitive skin and normal skin alike. Because the salt water generator creates natural chlorine ions, there are no chloramines to irritate your skin. Also, don’t be afraid of the term “salt water” – the water won’t be as salty as the sea (which can be irritating itself). Instead, the salinity in the hot tub remains at a level that does not irritate even the most sensitive skin, and you can even open your eyes underwater without any discomfort. 

Advantages Of Salt Water Hot Tubs

The following are a few advantages of using a salt water hot tub, which may convince you to go ahead and get one for yourself. 

  • Gentle on skin and eyes
  • No foul chlorine smell
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Added buoyancy makes for a better experience
  • No need to add sanitizer


Relaxing in a hot tub is something many people with sensitive skin feel they need to avoid because they fear the irritation they would have to endure afterwards. Using a salt water hot tub means relaxing in a spa that is gentle on your skin, while being just as safe and clean. The water is disinfected using natural chlorine salts, and there are many advantages to using this type of hot tub.

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