Yes you can get affordable sofas with great features

Are you getting frustrated at the small selection and large price tags from your brick-and-mortar local furniture store? You might be thinking that your budget can’t handle a new sofa, and trying to resign yourself to the idea of buying a used sofa from a lease-to-own reclamation, a flea market, or an estate sale. 

Luckily, the great offers you can find in online furniture stores allow you to get brand new sofas that still fall within your budget. What’s more, these sofas don’t have to be bare-bones models with any or few features. You can find the right sofa for your home and your pocketbook that still has the most popular features and benefits like reclining seats, being easy to clean and maintain, and modular sofas for versatility.

Regardless of your budget, here are a few of the features you can expect to find on almost all sofas.

Reclining seats are not as expensive as you think

People have long desired to have furniture with an adjustable footrest and/or reclining back. While today’s interior designers are demanding that furniture manufacturers create multi-function furniture, reclining seats were truly the beginning of the trend. 

Many reclining seats can now be operated by a small lever on the inside of the chair or sofa arm that is hidden but more accessible, which is a favorite design for a sofa with at least one recliner. Since there is a much higher demand for footrests like these, the costs have decreased significantly. Most people should be able to find a reclining sofa that is within their budget.

 Yes you can get affordable sofas with great features

Yes you can get affordable sofas with great features

Built in hidden tech

You can also get sofas that have built-in charging centers. The more affordable sofas often have a pull-down or center console that holds two drinks, remote and controller storage, and USB ports for charging devices. The higher-end sofas will feature armrests that have built-in touchpad charging bases so that your phone can charge while easily accessible when lounging in the living room or family room.

Charging stations are becoming more important for affordable sofas for sale in general, and furniture manufacturers are trying to meet that demand. Over 90% of the nation has at least one smart device in its pocket, and almost every household has at least one internet-connected television or other streaming device. 

When you enjoy watching movies and listening to music in your living room or den, having built-in tech like Bluetooth speakers inset into the headrests is highly desirable. This same setup is also very beneficial for anyone with hearing issues, as they will be able to have a clearer sound without overpowering the rest of the room with the volume.

Water repellant and/or stain resistant

Almost every household has at least one pet or child, sometimes both. It’s great to buy a sofa that meets your own design ideas, but you don’t want it to be destroyed within a few years by unruly children, dogs, and cats. Getting a sofa with upholstery of polyester or polyester cotton blends is best. These types of upholstery are naturally water repellant to a degree, but the real virtue lies in the fact that they are easily scotch guarded for added protection.

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