Why Annual Leave is Important

Annual leave is paid leave granted by an employer to its employee for one whole year. Many pieces of research have been done on the behaviors of employees.

Research from health services shows that around 80 to 85 percent of employees have to work from home when they are on annual leave.

Research also shows that 35 to 40 percent of employees work on the holiday. When a survey was conducted, the results of interviews show that 80 percent of employees are under stress due to workload. They complain about work-life imbalance.

So, amusing proper annual leave is better for physical and mental health. Let’s discuss some factors why annual leave is important for employment.

Improves physical health

Taking a break from a daily hectic work routine minimizes the pressure and improves your health.

You have to work a couple of hours in a whole week and years like a machine. Your body gets exhausted due to repeated daily workload.

This impacts badly on your health and you become ill or get indulge in serious kinds of illness. To stay healthy, you need rest, some leave from work so you would enjoy a healthy trip. For the holiday’s purpose, there are made bodies such as annual leave casual employees with Australian Unions which are working for the well-being of employees on regards to annual leaves

Improved productivity

Taking rest from work increases the productivity of any organization. When you come after a rest or leave, you could better engage in your work. You feel healthier. You can do something creative with your work, these all things enhance the productivity of an organization.

Reduce Stress and work-load

According to psychological studies, holidays help you to feel more pleasure and calm. They stress you from the monotony of work. They produce a sense of work-life balance. If your life is not balanced, you are a total mess for your family.

They also keep you away from many diseases such as headaches and high blood pressure etc.

Importance for company

Annual leave is not only important for an employee but also important for the company as well. The company should focus on the leave of their employees otherwise disastrous problems can occur.

Here are some issues which can be uplifted if a company doesn’t grant or is aware of the annual leave to its employees

Increase turnover

If a company doesn’t give leave to an employee, then after a year, there will be accumulated leaves of many employees. If they want to get leave then the company could not manage too many leaves at the same time. And if the company grants leaves, then it will impact badly on the business.

So, to reduce turn over a company should focus on timely leaves and keep the schedule in a specific phase.

Employee burnout

Employee burnout is very dangerous both for the company and employees’ overall health.  Burnout is a state of tiredness that leads to a loss of personal identity.

Reduced Output

A company’s output can be reduced to some extent if its employees are not satisfied and healthy. Annual leave plays a significant role in the improvement of both physical and mental health.

So, if a company does not focus and encourages its employees to take leave, its productivity could compromise. It may earn less revenue in the whole year or has to bear some other losses.

To sum up, the above factors thoroughly show the importance of the annual leaves.

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