Where is the Best Place to Sell a MacBook Pro?

Are you looking to upgrade to a newer model? Here’s how to maximise the worth of your existing one. We discuss where to sell your Mac, how to evaluate its worth, and how to negotiate the best price. Additionally, we included a few tips on how to prepare your Mac for sale.

You’re thinking of selling your old Mac in order to get a new one, or you’ve already purchased a new Mac. There are several ways to Sell MacBook Pro and various services that may assist you in doing it with the least amount of hassle. However, trading your Mac entails more than just selecting a mode of sale.

We cover everything you need to know about selling a Mac, from assessing the market and setting the correct price to avoiding being taken advantage of and preparing for hagglers. Continue reading for our advice on selling an older Mac.

To begin, this is perhaps the most important question you have:

  • What is the worth of my Mac?

Are you curious about the price of your Mac? When determining your pricing, keep the following points in mind:

Step 1: Identify the Mac you’re using.

When it comes to selling your old Mac, the first step is determining the model – not only the kind of Mac but also the generation and other specifications.

Step 2: Research the prices of similar Macs.

Once you’ve determined the model you own, you may begin estimating its value. Otherwise, you risk not earning as much money as you might or being unable to sell your Mac due to your pricing being too high. Even worse, if you misrepresent the specifications and imply that the Mac is newer or more powerful than it really is, the purchaser will be dissatisfied, and you may be forced to reimburse them.

Step 3: Be realistic about demand

One thing, in particular, is relevant right now: the conversion from Intel to Apple’s own chips (M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max). People will either rush to get Intel-powered Macs since Apple no longer offers them, or they will avoid purchasing Intel-powered Macs entirely. In any case, it is probable that the consequence of Apple’s successful shift to the M1 processor will be to lower the resale price and demand for earlier Macs.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Apple only maintains older Macs for a limited period of time. Apple typically maintains the previous three versions of macOS with bug fixes and critical security upgrades, ensuring that the newest version of Safari is supported and that Apple Services like iCloud are fully functional. This implies that Apple will not officially support Macs that do not install macOS Catalina.

If your Mac is not included on this list, it may be more difficult to sell since it will not run macOS Catalina.

  • MacBook Pro (2015 or later)
  • Apple MacBook Air (Mid-2012 or later)
  • Apple MacBook Pro (Mid-2012 or later)
  • Mini Mac (Late 2012 or later)
  • Apple iMac (Late 2012 or later)
  • Apple iMac Pro (all models)
  • Models of the Mac Pro (from 2013)\

Additionally, you’ll note that many used Macs come with extras: maybe the computer is still packed in its original box, indicating that it was never used. Perhaps they’re packaging software with it (which isn’t legally allowed – a Mac should be wiped clean before being sold). Base your price selection on Macs that are as compared to the one you’re selling as feasible, and keep an eye out for large crowds watching the sale to gauge interest.

On the other hand, if your Mac was a very high-spec model at the time of purchase – particularly if it had veracious build-to-order options added at the time of purchase – you may be able to get a premium for it simply because it is rare – and it is rare because it is nearly impossible to add components to a Mac at a later date.

Step 4: Decide how much to sell it for 

Step 4: Decide how much to sell it for. However, avoid becoming irrational about its value. You may have paid £1,500 for your MacBook Pro three years ago, but while Macs retain their value fairly well, you must be realistic and consider what Apple currently sells with a similar spec – it is possible that your potential purchaser could pick up the same spec in a completely new Mac for not much more than you believe yours is worth.

Alternatively, if you’re desperate to sell it quickly, you may believe that selling it aggressively is the best course of action. There are a few things to keep in mind here. 1) If you price your Mac too cheap, purchasers may suspect it is defective. 2) You may discover that you may still get a higher price for your Mac if you sell it to a Mac selling service.

Step 5: Decide whether to sell it privately or via an organisation.

Selling your Mac through eBay, Gumtree, or another similar site may be a lot of work; your choice to sell it will be determined by whether the return justifies the effort required to sell it. Is selling your old Mac going to earn you enough money to warrant the effort, or is there a more efficient method to dispose of it?

You may earn somewhat more money selling it privately, or you may find yourself in a disagreement with a buyer. The ease with which sellers may dump Macs to businesses that specialise in selling Macs contributes significantly to the high volume of refurbished Macs sold. If you want to earn money by selling an old Mac, you don’t have to do the legwork. We’ve included some ideas for shops that will purchase your old Mac in the area below.

Another possibility, if you’re considering purchasing a new Mac to replace your current one, is to trade in your Mac. Apple, as well as numerous Apple Certified Resellers, will permit this. We also look at the costs available for this below.

Alternatively, if your Mac is in poor condition and has minimal resale value, you may choose to donate or recycle it. More on it later.

Step 6: Find the best time to sell your Mac

Another factor to consider is the appropriate timing to sell your Mac.

Generally speaking, it makes sense to sell an older model prior to Apple announcing a new one (rather than after the announcement). Obviously, when a new model is introduced, previous models lose substantial value. Therefore, keep an eye out for forthcoming Apple events and speculations and attempt to anticipate them as much as possible.

Apple upgrades are expected in the spring (often March), June (in conjunction with WWDC), September, and October. However, the corporation has been known to provide updates outside of these times.

Another excellent time to sell is during the summer months, just before students return to or begin university. While students may get a substantial discount on Mac items (learn more about how to obtain an education discount on Apple products), we are all aware of how impoverished students are.

Selling in the run-up to Christmas, when consumers are looking for bargains, is also a good time to sell – although you may face competition from Black Friday discounts.

  • Best places to sell your Mac

As previously said, the price you get for a used Mac is determined by a variety of factors, including the model’s unique specifications, the competition, and what Apple is presently offering. Another factor that will affect the price you get is the location of the sale.

Typically, a private sale will net you more money than a business or service (as they will obviously need to include a markup when they sell it on). However, if you sell your Mac to one of these services, you may get your money much more quickly and with little difficulty.

One of the simplest methods to get cash for your old Mac is to trade it in when you purchase a new one from Apple. While you won’t earn as much money this method, it is the simplest option to turn your old Mac into money for a new one.

We have multiple options below for marketing your Mac in the UK and US.

Sell Up

SellUp is the leading price comparison site for laptops, featuring Macs, tablets, and other gadgets in the United States. The website is absolutely free, and you’ll get the best pricing for your gadget from reputable sellers to assist you in making the best selection possible.

SellUp, in particular, has a unique pricing comparison algorithm that compares all of the finest buyers of MacBooks. Thus, rather than sifting through several websites in search of a reasonable valuation, SellUp locates the best price for your Apple MacBook in a matter of seconds.

SellUp makes it simple to sell your MacBook. Simply input the model number of the Apple MacBook that you possess, or use the website’s search box to find the model.

Sellup automatic price comparison function will scan all active buyers to give you a variety of MacBook deals.

Then, choose your preferred buyer and send your item to them for free. You’ll get paid as soon as the customer inspects and approves the product.

2. OCBuyBack

With OCBuyBack, selling your Mac has never been simpler. This reputable website delivers a quick quotation in a matter of seconds. Simply answer a few questions about your Mac’s model, storage capacity, and condition, and you’re ready to go.

After that, mail your device to OCBuyBack using the free shipping label offered at checkout. You may follow your purchase throughout the process, and payment will be processed within two business days of receipt.

3. Declutter

Throughout its history, Declutter has paid over $300 million to over six million satisfied clients.

Not only do they purchase Macs, but they also buy used video games, DVDs, and even mobile phones. The procedure is simple, and it begins with the website.

Simply enter your Mac’s make, model, and condition to obtain a quick price.

The quotation is valid for 28 days, giving you time to locate an alternative. Additionally, you are assured of getting the initial price they provide, or you may return the item for free.

Once your purchase is complete, get a box and pack your Mac. It does not have to be the original retail box; as long as it protects your item throughout transportation, it is OK. Shipping is complimentary.

Declutter will deliver money within a few days after receiving your order—not as rapidly as the other services on our list, so keep that in mind.

4. eBay

While it requires more effort, eBay is unquestionably the safest option for selling a used MacBook than Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, it exposes you to a much larger audience of possible customers, which means you may command a greater price – albeit you also face a considerably larger number of rival sellers.

While the cost of generating an eBay listing is very minimal, the corporation retains a sizable 10% of the final selling price. Additionally, if you accept payment through PayPal, you will be charged a fee of 2.9 per cent of the total value (3.9 per cent if sold worldwide).

You’ll need to pick whether to hold an auction or set a Buy It Now price for your MacBook. The latter may expedite the transaction and also offer you more control over the profit. The best course of action is to check the Buy It Now pricing others have set for your model and then undercut them by a few dollars.

Simply be aware of eBay’s buyer and seller protection procedures, which generally favour the buyer in the event that, for example, your MacBook fails to start or comes with a broken screen. In other words, sellers must perform their due diligence as well.

5. Trade it in

Apple, including MacBooks, offers a trade-in programme for a variety of its goods. When you enter the specifications of your computer, you may get compensation in the form of an Apple Store Gift Card or a credit against your future purchase. To illustrate, a 2016 MacBook Pro with a 13-inch display and Touch Bar in excellent condition would cost $520. If Apple judges that your old MacBook is worthless, it will recycle it for free.

You may mail in or send your MacBook to an Apple Store to trade-in or discard it, but it’s unclear how in-person trade-ins would operate after Apple reopens its retail locations. You may, however, remain at home and utilise Apple’s online service to get a quotation and finalise the trade-in, or you can contact your local Apple Store for further information.


If you’d prefer getting cash than credit, try out sites like BuyBackWorld, Gazelle, and ItsWorthMore; they’ll pay you by check, PayPal, or Zelle for your MacBook. However, the procedure might be lengthy since you must send your device and wait for it to be reviewed. Additionally, if the company discovers any issues with it, you may get less money than was initially estimated.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Mac

Before you give over your Mac to any of the above-mentioned sites, there are a few things to consider in order to maximise its quality and total worth.

  • Clean it

The look of your Mac may have a significant influence on its worth. Clean the screen, casing, keyboard, and trackpad using an alcohol-free cleaner and a microfiber cloth. This enhances its appeal and makes it significantly more valuable to sellers.

  • Ensure That You Understand Exactly What You’re Selling

This may seem self-evident, but even minor errors in specs may detract from Mac’s value. Numerous of the top websites for selling your Mac streamlines the procedure by allowing you to input the specific make and model number in the navigation centre.

Ensure that the model number on the bottom of your device is valid. Making a mistake while selecting the model might cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • Use the Original Box

It makes a world of difference to certain purchasers if you can provide your Mac in its original box. Not only will this protect it during shipping, but it will also increase its validity in the eyes of customers.

  • Generate a Backup

Finally, before you let go of your Mac, you’ll need to restore it to factory settings. Prior to doing so, ensure that you have a recent backup of your critical data and log out of all applications—including iTunes, iCloud, and so on.

Select Account from the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window. After that, choose Authorizations and then Deauthorize This Computer. Deauthorize is a button.

  • Conclusion

Rebuild your Mac in such a way that it is ready to sell for top price. The websites mentioned above are excellent resources for getting started. In addition, sites like SellUp provide a one-stop shop for analysing the best prices and saving you time.

Wherever you sell your Mac, keep in mind that they are in great demand, so do your research to receive the best price.

Have you ever purchased a used MacBook? How did you go about it, and how did it work out? Leave your personal experiences in the comment thread!

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