What’s a good repair tracking software?

The speed at which you conduct your business operations effectively determines the scale of your business success. If you are running your own repair store, or even if you work at one, you’d know what we’re on about. Rather than wasting time doing things manually, which would cause you to face a multitude of operational hurdles, automated solutions are the way of the day. This is why the need for having a good repair tracking software in helping the scalability opportunities for your repair business is crucial. 

You can easily avoid the headaches of manually maintaining logs of all the repair jobs at your store by a simple integration of automated solutions. Apart from this, a repair tracking software automatically deals with informing your customers about the repair status of their orders, and educates them in advance of any additional repair operation that may add a delay in processing their order. All these problems have a single solution: a repair store software.

Before going into what makes a repair tracking software great, let’s go over the basic working of a repair tracking software.

So, buckle up. Here we go!

What’s a Repair Tracking Software?

So, a repair tracking software generally tracks all the repair tasks that you’re working at in your repair store. These could be the orders that are delivered in person, and could also include those taken digitally. The software then categorizes the processes and stages for each repair task. Repair tasks generally fall in a wide variety of different ranges, but can fundamentally be sectioned under an umbrella category. Your software will highlight the tasks taken up by your employees, while a list of tasks underlines the next in queue. Your repair store software also maintains a list of all the tasks your employees have taken up and successfully completed.

The tracking process is not new to the repair industry, however, having an automated solution to track your repair jobs empowers you to finally replace the old way of doing things. These generally include, but are not limited to: 

  • Spreadsheets
  • manual entries in registers, and 
  • pre-printed paper forms

This paperless solution also saves you some money in the long run — with respect to all the related costs and storing hassle.

What are the Qualities & Features of a ‘Great’ Repair Tracking Software?

Now that you understand the basic workings of the software, let’s highlight the fundamentally distinctive qualities that make a repair tracking software ‘great’.

A basic repair tracking software can remove the friction caused by running things the old way. A ‘great’ repair tracking software, however, will do not just that but also helps you: 

  • tackle more customers
  • streamline your repair processes and 
  • evaluate which of your services are most in-demand, and 
  • identify which repair jobs are generating the most ROI.

These softwares are specifically designed to help you manage your repair shop seamlessly. For instance, to remotely check the progress of any task, go through records of previously completed tasks; or check what your employees are doing for a customer whose device came in for a repair several weeks ago – all it’d take is a few clicks and a couple of moments.

If you are running a cell phone repair store and are fed up with your daily routine of tracking messy operations manually, then you definitely need a cell phone repair POS software. Apart from the reasons you list down, here are a few hiccups that a good repair tracking software can remove for you:

I. Time Management

By now, you must have understood that one of the core arguments we’re making here is: time is money. Using an automated repair tracking software allows you to cut down almost half of the time it takes to manually perform these tasks. You can utilize the saved time to handle the things which translate into a better ROI for you. The best part of having a cell phone repair POS software is that you can track everything in your shop with just one click!

II. Ticketing & Invoicing

Imagine a customer walks into your repair store. How long do you think it may take to generate a ticket and invoice, manually? No matter how much time it takes, it may still be enough to frustrate all the stakeholders involved. This can be taken care of by an automated system. A POS software automatically generates invoices with a few clicks, and using the same information, creates a ticket for your internal usage. 

III. Automation Mitigates Mistakes

Repair tracking software equips your repair stores with the tools required to track repair tasks and services in multiple ways. It generates complete order information (tickets) immediately for your employees. This information is crucial, especially when you face a customer seeking a refund in case of a dispute.

IV. Tracking the Progress

Easily track the progress of any repair task in your store or franchise, irrespective of where you may be. A repair tracking software is designed to know and record what is going on in your store, with regards to the number of repair tasks created, the progress made for completion, and the employee’s workload management.

V. Inventory Management

Apart from tracking all the repair jobs going on in the store, a tracking software also helps you in keeping in-depth details of all the inventory items at hand, including where they were last used and how much stock is left. Again, all this takes is just a few clicks.

VI. Reorder Parts 

A repair management software has this in-built capacity for reordering parts designed for you. The integrated features and services they offer are more-than-enough for any repair shop usage. Some of these softwares are also integrated with online marketplaces, making them well-equipped to highlight any low quantity parts in your inventory, and enable you to reorder them from your favorite supplier, entirely eliminating the need to go out and shop for parts. 

We hope that this article has been enlightening and helps you become convinced of the unlimited benefits of having a cell phone repair POS software integrated with your shop, to eventually add endless opportunities to your business!

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