What men want in bed?

Want to know what men’s deepest desires are? What fantasies do they have? Don’t know where to start? Find out what men want in bed and learn to be an expert in the art of love!Men secretly want to incite you with sensual gestures and erotic words even when you are not having sex.

Thus, the foreplay begins before you get to bed, and the attraction between you is even more intense.You should find ways to tease him during the day so that he wants to get home faster.

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  1. The prelude

As mentioned above, it would be ideal for the foreplay to start long before the sex game. For example, during a short break at the office, write him a bold message. Call him before he gets home and tell him what you want to do to him. What’s next? It will be difficult for him to think about you all day, and you will have a sensual date. In the evening, unleash your fantasies.

  1. Accidental touches

Remember that the foreplay is not just for women. A successful love match requires both partners to be present. Discreet touches are ideal for stimulating your imagination.Although you are accustomed to your boyfriend initiating such gestures, he will love if you do it too! Touch his thighs or intimate area. There are a multitude of gestures that have the role of arousing his cravings.

  1. Sensual movements

You can uncover a shoulder or sit in his arms. Don’t forget about the eye contact. It is extremely important. So look him in the eye with passion, bite your lips. All these gestures will set him on fire! Treat him like a king and he will treat you back like a queen. There are lots of things you can do to make your man want you even more. Always make time to have the best sex ever. Do not ignore your intimate life, because it plays a very important role in your intimate life.

  1. Whole body kisses

Just as women are terribly aroused by being kissed by their partner, so men want to be kissed everywhere. Bite his earlobe in a playful way, kiss him on the neck, chest. Then lower yourself slightly and touch his genitals. With lips! Men love this. Make sure that the entire game is as wet as possible. This will offer a lot more pleasure for your man.

  1. The lights are on

Are you worried that your breasts won’t look the same as they did when you were 20, and your abdomen isn’t as toned? Are you afraid of cellulite? Who do you think will observe all this? Unfortunately, it’s just you. Men are not paying attention to these details. Especially when they are excited.

Relax! Leave the light on, be bold, natural. Feel free to experience all your fantasies. Men love to see their partners naked, to admire them, and to see how they feel pleasure during the sexual act. It is very important that you are very confident in bed so that you can experience sex to a whole different level, more intense and more passionate. After all, he is your man and you should not be shy with him. He should know your body very well, and also your erogenous zones.

  1. Exteriorization

Okay, you don’t have to exaggerate or shock your neighbors. But men love moans and arousal sounds that women make during sex.In addition, he also knows that he is on the right track. If you are even more daring, go to the next level. Use sexual language, tell him what you like, how you like it, praise him for the way he stimulates your erogenous zones. Success will be guaranteed!

  1. Novelty

Yes, come up with something new! Most women are inhibited in the bedroom. Don’t be part of this category either. Forget the classic positions and propose a new position, which you have always wanted to try. Then explain exactly what you want him to do to you. All these words will excite him strongly.

  1. Attitude

Men get aroused when their partner knows what he wants in bed. Put your shyness aside and be open! While he is waiting for you in bed, you move lewdly and come to him. Play with his imagination and you will drive him crazy. Do everything you want in bed, and leave inhibitions aside. Let your imagination go wild and your sex life will highly improve.

  1. Initiative

Probably your boyfriend is the one who starts a sex game. From time to time, surprise him with a sex game when he doesn’t expect it. For example, when your boyfriend is watching TV, tell him that you would like to give him a massage, then arouse him with tender caresses. Tell him you can’t wait, that you want to make love. Now!

  1. Praise

To motivate him to make the movements that took you to the heights of orgasm next time, praise his performances.Use words that you know excite him, tell him how good he is, how much you like what he does to you. You will catch him, and his imagination will drive him crazy. From time to time, do something new and interesting. He will appreciate it a lot. Men love new things that offer them even more pleasure.

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