What a Halfway House in Maine Should Be Like

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You may wonder what your life is going to be like once you have checked into a halfway house in Maine

That’s quite natural given that you may not have any idea why a halfway house is right for you. 

Days in rehab are bound to be intense and stressful. As an addict, you will be expected to follow stringent rules. You will be under constant monitoring and medical supervision. But all that changes when you step outside the rehab.

Why halfway houses can be a stepping stone to your new normal

Once you have completed your rehab, you may be looking forward to going back to your earlier life. But, is that the right thing to do, or should you stay in a halfway house for some time?

The thought of moving into another unfamiliar environment after rehab can be unnerving.

But, a halfway house is like a bridge between rehab and your new life. It helps you to transition slowly back into society. For this reason, it’s imperative to spend a few weeks or months here.

What a halfway house should be like for a recovering addict

The truth is many recovering addicts find it difficult to start their life anew right after rehab. They are ridden by feelings of guilt and shame and aren’t ready to go back to their homes. They are scared the same triggers will make them go back to drugs or alcohol.

This is where a halfway house can help. It gives you the security, comfort, and support you need at this delicate phase in your life post-rehab.

In a halfway house, residents are recovering addicts. So, you will be in the company of people who have battled similar types of addiction. They understand the humiliations and challenges and can offer valuable support and advice.

Any halfway house will have proper rules which enforce discipline. The rules of a halfway house may not be as stringent as in rehab, but they are enough to give you a structured life. You are less likely to have a relapse if you can spend a few months in a sober living home.

The house manager and staff are typically those who have been addicts in the past. The manager is expected to organize regular drug tests to make sure no one engages in any kind of substance abuse here. If you don’t find regular screenings being done at your halfway house, consider this a red flag.

During your temporary stay in a halfway house, you will be encouraged to look for work. This is important to make you self-sufficient to pay for your accommodation. The staff will also persuade you to show up for local Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your neighborhood. This keeps you on track with your sobriety goals.

You are free to attend school, work, and even hang out with friends. But you cannot compromise on sobriety. This is why regular counseling, AA or NA meetings, and participating in house chores are encouraged.

For a quick and complete recovery from drug addiction, make sure to look for a good halfway house in Maine. You need a stable, peaceful, and drug-free environment to overcome your weaknesses and start life afresh.

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