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People usually ask us about the reliability of online tools. So today, we would be addressing this matter once and for all. If you Google “convert PDF to the word” or “word to PDF” or any other two formats that you desire to convert to and from then you are surely going to get hundreds of online file converter tools in the results. There are hundreds of websites that are providing conversion services on the web.

Still, sadly not all of them are reliable even though they make fancy promises. The majority of these file converter tools tend to save your contents in their database from where they can be misused. This is the major reason why users don’t trust online tools!

While it is true that many online converter tools are unreliable, at the very same time, there indeed are many more which provide reliable services to their users. Today, we will throw light on the best PDF converter tools indexed on the web for batch creates pdf files.

Before we do so, we would like you to know about the different features you have to look for in a reliable PDF converter tool!

Features of a reliable PDF to word converter tool!

Here are some of the features:


First and foremost, the important thing for a user should be the safety and security of their files. Online converter tools would require you to upload the PDF files from your local drive, so there are many chances that your computer or mobile phone can get exposed to viruses and Trojans. Also, when you have to download the converted file, you must check that you are not bringing bad bugs to your device. A reliable PDF converter tool would not access your device other than for uploading input files from it. This is an important feature that you have to look for a reliable converter utility.

Quality of converted files

Quality is one of the leading management factors that you have to look for in an online tool. People usually think that a cheap or free tool cannot deliver good quality files, but this is not true. The quality of the converted file is solely dependent on the conversion vectors being used by the tool. If the tool is using good software to convert the files, then you would receive high-quality results. We would suggest you not trust an online converter tool that ruins the structure and outlook of the file in the conversion.


Many PDF converter tools on the web promise that they would delete your PDF file soon after the conversion is complete, but they sure don’t do so. The privacy factor is religiously important to check, especially if you are working with files that are having sensitive content on them. When you are using an online PDF converter, you have to ensure that the website doesn’t retain or backup your files in its server!

Large file sizes

A reliable PDF to word converter tool can accept all sorts of file sizes. The typical file limit of most PDF to word converter tools is around 60 to 100 Mbs. Furthermore, you are also limited to the number of files you can convert in a day with the online converter tools. You have to connect with an online tool that doesn’t restrict you on size or the number of files.

These are some of the basic features that would help you understand the reliability of a PDF converter tool. If a tool is providing you with these features, then you should give them a fair shot. Below we have listed some tools that fall under this league!

Famous PDF to Word converter tools

You can try using these tools and test the multiple features that they have to offer.

  • PDF to Word converter by

The online PDF to Word converter by one of the newer and most trusted options you can find online to convert your PDF files to word with complete reliability. The PDF to docs converter is free to use, and there are no restrictions to the use of this tool. You can spin as many PDF files as you want to, no matter what their size is. The pdf to word online tool is ranked among the safest and fastest conversion utilities on the web!

  • PDF to word converter tool by Small PDF

Small PDF is a comprehensive website that allows you to manipulate all sorts of PDF files without any hassle. The PDF to word converter tool by this website is among the popular choices you can make to change your portable files to an editable format. The PDF to word converter is free to use and is very much secure in its existence. One of the reasons this converter is considered very famous is that it can cater to batch conversions of PDF files to Word and other formats!

You can test these converter tools for their luxurious features and ease of use!

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