Ultimate Chandelier Buying Guide

If done correctly they can be the most stunning feature in the room!

They will make your guests be amazed by the art work!

The goal of these beautiful light fixtures is that they amaze visitors and create impressed by your home.

They might think, “Gosh, Sharon has the most beautiful space! I am in love with how she lights her room!”

Why You Should Have a Kitchen Chandelier

As opposed to the entrance the kitchen is about functionality.

The purpose for the kitchen area is to cook and store food for the entire family. The room usually includes the common pantries, storage cabinets and refrigerator.

This is quite standard and boring.

There are many ways to create an engaging ambience, and it all begins with lighting.

Sharon’s kitchen is an excellent instance of this!

Even though she had the common kitchen equipment such as a black metallic refrigerator, granite counter-top and wood flooring, as well as counter doors The kitchen she had was an absolute masterpiece.

Instead of the traditional pendant or flush mount light fixture, she increased the ‘wow’ factor with two crystal chandeliers that hang on top of the cooking island. Not only do these fixtures provide extra light when cooking, but they also add a beautiful decor element to an otherwise all-practical-all-the-time room.

The bride opted for a tiny crystal chandelier just above the table’s center.

The presence of a chandelier above the dining table can help the space both in practical as well as visually.

It adds a much-needed zing to a room that is otherwise dull and makes it the center of attention.

Why You Should Have Dining Room Chandeliers

If the entryway is the first thing people see of the house, then the dining room will be the final impression.

The purpose of chandeliers for dining rooms is to impress your guests with their stunning designs and to create a lasting impression of the dinner and the entire celebration.

The same is true for eating at Sharon’s restaurant!

Be aware of these crucial chandelier hanging guidelines – when you have a ceiling that is low do not choose a low-hanging light fixture that can block your guests’ view. Also, ensure that your fixture is at least four feet of space from the wall of the room.

How to Measure for the Correct Chandelier Height                                                   

Find the distance between the ceiling and floor. This is crucial in determining the height the chandelier should be.

For each foot, you must divide by 3. This is due to the fact that chandeliers must be placed at least 7 feet above the floor , for ceilings that measure at least 10 feet.

After you multiply the ceiling’s height by three then convert the result in inches to feet. This will determine the proper height.

Furthermore, if you have a ceiling height under 10 feet, it is recommended to will require the hanging light fixture is less than 27 inches high.

For ceilings that are higher than 11-16 feet. The chandelier could be anywhere from 27 inches up to 40 inches high.

If the ceiling is at least two stories high the chandelier must comprise three or more tiers and should be around 7 to 8 feet higher than the floor.

While these are the most important measurements to keep in mind but there are many more information that could help you by measuring below!

We’ve got all the details here!

How to Measure For Multiple Chandeliers in a Room

When purchasing a chandelier, it’s crucial to know the dimensions of the space in which the chandeliers are to be placed.

Similar to measuring for onething, similar measurements are taken for multiple chandeliers.

Follow the same procedure similar to measuring for a single chandelier, however, divide the space into two parts in accordance with how many chandeliers will be required.

If someone plans to have two chandeliers, they will need to divide the length, height and width to allow to accommodate two chandeliers.

For instance, a space that is 10 feet in width, height, and length could be adorned with two 15-inch as well as 10 inches in width chandeliers to the space.

Similar to measuring for a single chandelier in an area, it’s important to consider that the chandelier must be at the very least 4 feet of your wall and seven feet above the flooring.

Another option for using multiple chandeliers within a room is to make use of several hanging sconces to draw attention to particular areas in the space.

When you’ve figured out the measurements of the chandeliers you’d like for your space now is the time to check the buying guide for chandeliers to find out what kind of chandelier you’re looking for and the look that goes with it.

The importance of measuring Lumens prior to purchasing

Lumens is the measurement of light output or brightness in an object that is solid.

The significance of brightness in an area is obvious.

In the absence of sufficient lighting within the space, it may create a variety of problems, including dangerous situations, inability to finish tasks, causing moods of depression, extremely uncomfortable and also gives the room an unprofessional appearance.

It’s crucial to make sure that the lighting is correct , and you’ll be able to be taught how to do this in the following article!

How to Measure Lumens for a Room in 5 Easy Steps

  1. To find the correct number of lumens it is important to determine the width and length of the space in inches. As an example, you can determine that your room measures 100 inches long and the width.
  1. Multiply the length and width in order to calculate the area of the room in square inches. For instance, multiply the 100 inches of length and width to get 10,000 inches.
  1. Convert the room’s square inch in square feet simply by multiplying square inches by the number 144. For instance, multiply 10,000 in inches by 144 and you’ll create 69 square feet.
  1. Utilize the above table in order to determine the number of lumens in each square foot in every room. For instance, you can measure the lumens of a dining room by using 35 in the equation below.
  1. The square feet of the room are multiplied by the amount of lumens/square feet for the space you’re looking at. For example, multiply 35 and 69 to obtain 2415 lumens in your living room.

Although you are aware of how to determine the amount of the amount of light, there’s another step to determine the right amount of light coming from the chandelier.

The difference Between Lumens and Watts

Two measurements are used to measure lighting.

The two measurements are previously mentioned lumens as well as the watts measurement is a similar one.

Like we said that lumens are the measure of brightness of an object that is solid, whereas Watts measure the amount of energy that is generated by the solid object.

It is important to know the two since various companies employ either or sometimes just one for describing their chandelier.

How to Convert Lumens to Watts

It’s crucial to be aware there’s a difference in watts used to measure LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs.

The main difference is that LED bulbs have a higher capacity the same amount of lumens per Watt as fluorescent bulbs.

1 watt of the lamp that’s fluorescent is equivalent to 15 lumens. In contrast, the single watt of an LED lamp is equivalent up to sixty lumens.

As you will see, it is important to determine how many lumens you require for your home and if you’re planning to use LED or fluorescent light bulbs.

When you’ve decided that then it is time to decide what kind of chandelier you’d like to have and what style will work most well with it.

Interior Design Tips:

The next step in determining the ideal chandelier is to determine the style of chandelier that is ideal for your space.

If you don’t choose the correct chandelier style your home can appear extremely uneven!

Sharon’s home is stunning because she has matched her chandelier style to the style of the interior decor.

To find the perfect chandelier, first you need be aware of the style of your interior and know what kinds of chandeliers will complement it.

This could seem like something that is too difficult, as it requires numerous hours of study.

It’s a good thing that Lamps USA is here with a buyer’s guide, which will allow you to save your time searching!

How do you match 3 chandelier types with different Styles

  1. LED Chandelier

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Audrie Collection

Led chandeliers are the latest trend , and with good reason.

They are eco-friendly and long-lasting LED chandeliers help the user in numerous ways.

The LED’s light can last up to 11 years when it is 100% usage, and up to 22 years with just 50% usage.

They last up to up to 50,000 hours, while it is only 1,200 hours with Incandescent lights.

This alone is an excellent reason to purchase one, but don’t overlook the advantages in cost savings!

Based on the CFA’s cost analysis of LEDs in the CFA’s LED Cost Analysis Survey, by using LEDs that are modern users will pay $17.25 over 10 years as compared to a price of $76.80 in the case of Halogen or $78.80 to use Incandescent.

With an light-emitting chandelier (LED), you could save more than $50 over 10 years!

This is certainly a worthwhile investment!

The reason LEDs don’t go out as quickly as other types of light sources is due to the fact that LEDs excel at managing the heat produced by the energy required to produce light.

They are not only cost-effective however, they are safe for the environment too!

Contrary to Incandescent lighting bulbs, LED lights contain no mercury and are 100% recyclable.

While they’re fantastic environmental friendly, it is vital to recycle them correctly because they contain a large percentage of nickel and lead.

Do you want to have a wide selection? LED is the perfect type of bulb for your chandelier!

Modern LED chandeliers are available in a myriad of stunning forms.

There are chandeliers that resemble traditional chandelier designs like orbs and bowls, but they are also available in modern shapes such as spirals and sputnik. There’s a chandelier style to suit any room!

From helping maintain the natural environment, to saving on costs There are many reasons to buy an LED chandelier for your house.

When a guest enters your home, they’ll immediately fall in love with the modern chandeliers!

Matching Styles With LED Chandeliers:


Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Harper Collection

The concept of contemporary fashion is about re-creating the latest fashions.

Presently, the modern style is a striking simple, minimalist, and sleek style that is able to incorporate many current fashions.

With a modern LED chandelier, the space will retain the clean appearance, but with a lively feel that is a perfect match for the minimal style.

Even though modern LED chandeliers will be the star of modern rooms They can only be improved with the addition of additional contemporary decor.

The current trends in contemporary design involve mixing metals mixing wood and metals, merging finishes and mixing vintage with modern.

These trends in decor work with neutral-colored walls and one brightly decorated furniture or wall utilized as an accent.

Accents can also be finished with an a chrome or nickel metallic finish that is compatible in conjunction with stainless steel appliances and furniture.


Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Rubin Collection

Transitional styles are designed to blend modern and traditional with each other!

LED chandeliers are the ideal for this type of lighting!

When you use the transitional LED chandelier are a great model of a contemporary style that can be paired with all kinds of traditional styles!

Transitional interior design is based on the lack of color on walls, which is similar to the modern style, to create a calm and peaceful ambience.

LED is the most suitable type of chandelier to make it possible, due to its capacity to be apprehensive and blend with the neutral hues of the space!

It is also possible to use dark hues to create the dimension to a neutral space.

The interior should blend minimalist designs with traditional styles , like large striking art pieces, as well as adding textural elements such as fabric, steel and rattan. Glass metal, wood and more to the room.

  1. Crystal Chandelier

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Maarid Collection

Crystal chandeliers are probably the most widely commonly used chandelier!

When people think about chandeliers when they think of chandeliers, they usually think of contemporary crystal chandeliers.

They effortlessly blend elegance and function, elevating any area in which they are put in.

Crystal chandeliers are awe-inspiring to guests with their timeless aesthetic design, there are additional advantages to buying them aside from their aesthetics.

Despite their fragile appearance they actually last quite long.

The crystal glass that is used in the chandelier is more durable than other chandelier.

The glass used in numerous chandeliers is durable to heat.

A popular misconception about chandeliers made of crystal is that they can be difficult to clean.

But not so fastCrystal chandeliers are very easy to cleanand maintain their shine for years.

To clean crystal chandeliers prepare a solution inside a bottle, using one quarter of Isopropyl Alcohol and 3 quarters of water that has been distilled.

Then, apply the spray on a clean cloth and then clean the crystals.

Apart from dust buildup the crystal glass makes it extremely difficult for chandeliers to break down.

Crystal chandeliers are great to match with traditional designs for interiors.

Matching Styles With Crystal Chandeliers

Traditional Chandeliers

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Chateau Collection

Traditional is the style you will see on the covers of every Interior design publication.

Like the traditional style crystal chandeliers are the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of a classic chandelier.

Crystal chandeliers are often the focal point of an old-fashioned style room because of their minimalist style.

The traditional interior style is tranquil organised, neat, and reliable.

Every piece of decoration and piece of furniture must be in line to the classic design style.

The furnishings are traditional, fitting, and consistent. accessories are put in pairs and placed within the room.

The fabrics don’t have too much shine or floral They don’t distract guests away from the beautiful look of the whole space.

The colors of the walls are usually regular, predictable, and are not too jarring.

To create a stunning equilibrium in the room the lightest hues are typically on the walls. Upholsteries and flooring are darker in hue.

A crystal chandelier complements the consistent style of the room, with an eye-catching piece that retains its traditional look.

Mid-Century Modern

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Arramore Collection

Mid-Century Modern combines traditional and contemporary styles such as minimalist design to create something new.

This design is so much enjoyable because of the virtually infinite design options that can be combined and combined

crystal chandeliers are a perfect fit in this style thanks to its clean and traditional appearance.

The elements of a mid-century contemporary room which are similar to minimalist style, for example, a clear style and a focus on functionality in the first place.

The purpose of the chandelier in a mid-century modern setting should be to compliment the space’s minimalist, clean appearance.

This lighting style looks fantastic when paired with a range in wall colors which range from neutral colors to striking and basic white and black.

The materials used to create this type of design ranges from traditional to the non-traditional such as plexiglass, plastic vinyl, and regular glass.

  1. Wood Chandelier

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Allier Collection

A chandelier made of wood is designed using natural reclaimed wood or a weathered finish.

The purpose behind chandeliers made from wood is to incorporate the outdoors into your home.

The benefits of bringing nature in are plentiful!

As per USA Today, health experts suggest that natural products in your home can boost wellbeing by enhancing happiness and feeling of wellbeing, and also reduce the feeling of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Natural materials also benefit homeowners on a financial and a personal

Materials such as rattan last longer than the majority of non-natural materials.

You may be thinking, “that’s untrue, wood wears down!”

True however, unlike many other materials , and similar to wine, chandeliers made of wood that are well maintained, tend to appear better as they age.

Not only are they environmentally friendly efficient, cost-effective, and beneficial to the homeowner’s well-being, but they also look stunning.

Anyone who walks into a residence that has a chandelier made of wood will feel a sense ease and a sense of outdoor style it brings.

Matching Styles With Wood Chandeliers:


Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Allier Collection

Wood chandeliers can also complement the rustic style of interior design.

This style of interior is made to blend using natural materials for decoration.

The natural material is a decorations made of stone, wood and other natural resources.

The rustic wood look works well with rough and uneven surfaces.

This could be rustic chandeliers made of wood with weathered or distressed finishes.

The furniture should also be designed to have the appearance of a worn or weathered color that is also found in the wild.

The rugs, the linens and furniture should be of an easy design that incorporates natural features.


Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Allier Collection

When you imagine the style of the coast immediately, you think of the warm and tropical look.

It’s a room filled with neutral wall colors , adorned with nautical décor.

How can you enhance an exotic and warm design by using your chandelier?

It’s true, you can use an antique chandelier made of wood!

A wood chandelier gives an inviting and natural feel which is perfect for an ocean-inspired style.

Utilizing metallic, clean and weathered house interior finishes coastal design is intended to create the impression that the guest and you are in a beach home.

They can also be paired with furniture made of wood that is an array between warm and ocean shades.

To finish the beach house style, complement the space with nautical-themed accessories.


Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Lumiere’ Collection

Wood chandeliers can also complement the rustic farmhouse chandelier look.

The purpose in this look is to make a cozy and inviting farmhouse appearance.

The farmhouse style also incorporates modern designs, like mixing metals, with neutral colors for furniture and walls and mixing metals with wood.

This design looks fantastic when combined with natural materials for decor for interiors, a mixture of textures and neutral furniture and wall colors mixing different fabrics such as wool and cotton.

Add some flair to your farm by adding lighting fixtures for your barn in places that cannot be served by chandeliers.

Other Types of Chandeliers

  1. Cage

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Allier Collection

While LED chandeliers can be used for a wide range of scenarios Cage chandeliers may be the most flexible chandelier.

Do you require a chandelier for your cage in the shape of an orb with crystals? Absolutely!

Do you require one in the shape of a lantern or a linear equipped with LED light bulbs? Again, no issues!

There’s no combination of cage chandeliers that’s not feasible!

They are also able to use any type of light source, which includes LED, halogen, or incandescent.

Due to that it’s a style that a chandelier in a cage can’t be a perfect match for.

With a rattan-colored finish, this chandelier will look great in an old-fashioned or contemporary farmhouse style, while the polished nickel finish and LED lighting would look great in contemporary interior designs.

  1. Candle

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Norridge Collection

In addition to crystal chandeliers candle chandeliers are the most classic chandelier can be imagined by anyone.

When you imagine a chandelier for candles You think of the type of chandelier from the 15th century which was used to store actual candles..

This is certainly not any longer the case!

Modernized, they can accommodate LED and halogen light bulbs, which are more environmentally friendly and environmentally sustainable.

You no longer have to light candles for the chandelier!

They look fantastic with any fashion that is influenced by tradition.

This is a reference to shabby chic vintage, old-world style as well as colonial and eclectic.

  1. Sputnik

Feiss-Monte Carlo’s Quorra Collection

As with chandeliers with LEDs The sputnik chandelier is one of the most recent lighting trends.

These chandeliers that are not traditional captivate everyone who enters the room, with their gorgeous contemporary design and distinctive design.

They’ll surely attract the attention of anyone who enters your home!

They are most appealing with modern, minimalist and transitional styles due to their modern and eye-catching style.

The chandeliers will be a perfect complement to minimalist and neutral designs and are the focal point within the space.

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