Twelve Tips to Keep Geese Away

Wild geese are beautiful and graceful creatures, but many people prefer that they do not inhabit their gardens and yards as that can cause many problems.

They make a lot of noise which can disturb your night’s peaceful sleep, and their droppings can be hazardous to health, especially that of children.

How to get rid of geese off your backyard then? We have collected the top twelve most effective ways to keep the geese off your property.

1.     Geese-specific repelling lighthouse

A geese-specific repelling lighthouse is a device similar to a strobe light. It can be installed directly into the ground of your garden or yard.

This device comes equipped with stakes that permanently install it into the ground, making it impossible to take it out of the ground.

Geese repelling lighthouses have a solar-powered light that is extremely powerful and regularly flashes, making it very hard for the geese to fall asleep. The geese that have made a home in your yard will leave and look for another place to live as they do not feel well if they are low on sleep.

2.     Grow the grass

Keeping your grass longer than 6 inches will repel the geese. This is because birds do not like areas that are not clear as they cannot see the predators.

3.     Install a goose noise maker

You can install a bird noise maker that emits a goose distress call or one that emits ultrasounds. Sonic repellents are very effective for removing the geese from a specified area.

The best goose distress call repellent is one that is solar-powered and can work automatically. The device comes with a timer, so it makes a distress call regularly, so the geese scare away.

4.     Get rid of all food outside

Geese feed on any human food they find, which is why removing all food sources is essential in getting rid of the geese. You can start by not leaving your garbage out. Geese love legumes, so if you have them on your property, try to get rid of them.

5.     Motion-activated sprinkler

If the fake decoys and lighthouse aren’t doing the job and the geese keep coming to your property, you can get rid of them using a motion-activated sprinkler.

Geese love ponds and water bodies, but they hate getting water splashed on their body. This method is eco-friendly, non-chemical, and safe for the geese and you.

You can install the sprinkles next to your vegetables to reap the benefits of the water sprayed.

6.     Surround your pond with mesh or wire

Geese love water bodies, so you need to cover your pond with mesh or wire. This is only possible for small areas as it is impossible to cover a large pond with wire.

This method combined with a few other repellents such as spraying liquid deterrents on the grass surrounding the lake or installing multiple swan decoys on the lake can be very effective.

7.     Use a strobe light

If you have tried all the above-mentioned tips and nothing worked, then a goose deterrent light should do the job. There are two types of goose deterrent lights available in the market.

Once it is sound-activated, it will scare the goose away every time they come near the device. The other one is left on for the whole night.

You can cover the sides and prevent the light from entering your house through the windows so that it does not become a nuisance for you and your family.

8.     Do not let them nest

How to shoo off these geese when they have been there in your yard for many years? If the geese are not going away despite your many efforts and use of different deterrents, then it is very likely that they are nesting in some areas.

You need to find out where they are nesting and prevent them from continuing. If you know their nesting spot, you need to place heavy objects at the nesting site so that they never use that area again.

9.     Use a liquid geese repellent

Using a liquid goose repellent is very effective and is not dangerous or harmful to the birds or you. It will keep the geese off the lawn or any other area on which it is sprayed. It contains a compound known as Methyl-anthranilate, which is sage to use and produces a grape smell when it is sprayed.

It acts as a goose repellent because it irritates the bird’s nose receptors. It not only works on geese but will also keep other birds away from your property, such as starlings, pigeons, gulls, and blackbirds.

10.   Set barriers around water bodies

If you want the geese to go away, you need to keep them away from all sources of water. They hate tall plants and tall grass, so you can plant shrubbery around the pond or lake. If the pond or lake is surrounded by tall plants, they will make the goose go away. Geese love open and clear spaces so they can see their predators and survive.

11.  Use a geese predator decoy

The best method of repelling geese is one that does not cause health problems for the birds and is cheap and easy for you. There are many geese predator decoys available on the market, and if you purchase the right one, the geese will never come to your property.

The best geese repelling decoys are those that resemble an animal whom the geese take as predators, such as dogs or coyotes. Swans tend to attack geese, so one way of repelling geese would be to get a swan to live on your pond or use a fake swan on the pond. Fake swan decoys come with an anchor so that they do not move.

12.   Get a dog

Geese are afraid of a dog which is why keeping a dog will keep the geese far away from your place. The dog will scare them off, and they will likely never return back. You can go for a German shepherd or an Australian cattle dog. German shepherds are very smart dogs, and they can be trained to scare the geese away.

They will follow your instructions and are very brave. On the other hand, the Australian Cattle Dog are persistent, which means they will not stop scaring the geese away regardless of how many times they show up. They are also very energetic, which means they will chase the geese the whole day if they have to.

The above-mentioned tips are the top ways to repel geese from your property. If you follow them, then we guarantee that the geese won’t be coming back.

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