Top Features To Include In Your Next Android Application

An Android app is as good as its features. The kind of features that an Android app should have depends on the purpose for which it is being developed. A can aggregator may want to offer a feature that enables a customer to book a cab with a single tap.

Whether fancy or traditional, every Android app needs to have the best features. A good app development company can always help if you are unable to create a list of the best Android apps.

Top Features

Here are the top ten features that you must consider to include in your next Android app.

  • Feedback

Your Android app garners a lot of reputation if you make it easier for the users to send you feedback. No mobile app is ever perfect. It can only be taken close to being perfect. This is made possible when users share their opinion about your Android app.

You may consider encouraging their participation in an open forum. You would get an opportunity to read a lot of healthy discussions.

  • Shortcuts

The key is to reduce the number of times a user has to tap on your Android app. Users find it convenient to get a particular task done with a minimal amount of taps. Voice search is a perfect example in this direction.

Users can access the feature to get everything done without tapping a single time on the screen. An eCommerce company can enable a customer to create a cart quicker.

  • Search Box

A search box is often ignored under the impression that users will ultimately find everything on the Android app. This is untrue with users seeking a convenient manner to locate different sections of an Android app.

You can enable an image-based search tool. Amazon, for instance, lets its users look for a product by scanning or uploading the image. The platform also recommends similar products. You can hire a mobile app developer to get this done efficiently.

  • Personalization

Users may dislike the layout that you have offered to them, especially the part where they view their profile. You can let them customize certain sections of your next Android app. This will meet everyone’s visual design, finding it more compelling than ever.

Some basic features that you can let them customize are colors, profile photos, and font, to name a few. The aim is to let the user redesign your Android app as per his or her choice.

  • Social Media Sharing

Social media has gained a lot of attention in the last 2-3 years. Users have a desire to share everything with their friends or followers. Hence, you can offer them a feature that lets them share their activity on social media. For example, if a user is listening to a song on your music app, then let the user share that song along with the link to your Android app on his or her profile.

The description may be pre-filled with a short message saying I am listening to this song and it is the coolest song that I have heard. You can listen to it at… followed by the link.

  • Notifications

The point refers to push notifications, to be more specific. Many developers still rely on the concept of email marketing. It is not only obsolete but also less responsive. A push notification, on the other hand, is a much better option.

In your next Android app, you can give a shot on how to create a mobile app specification to develop the feature of push notification.

  • Map Integration

If your business requires a customer to visit your office, then you must integrate Google Maps or other similar features to your Android app. This will make it easier for the customer to locate your office.

You may direct them to the closest branch office as well. Allow them to navigate a route from their home to your office.

  • User Profile

Many Android apps make it mandatory for users to register themselves. This often does not go in the right direction. Users may not feel safe while sharing their details unless they have accessed the Android app for a reasonable amount of time.

You can allow them to use your Android app as a guest. You can also let them create different profiles, some of which may be shared with other family members like parents and children.

  • Updates

In your next Android app, allow your users to schedule when they want to update the app. While Android gives an option to enable automatic updates, you can let your user choose a time or schedule the update.

Preferably, tell them how much time it will take to update the mobile app. A user may be in urgent need to connect to their colleagues or distant family relatives.

  • Code Scanner

QR codes and Barcodes redirect a user to a specific web address. This saves them time to type the entire web address or access the Android app to visit a specific section. You can enable a user to scan a QR code to visit a certain section of your Android app.

You can run your marketing campaign on social media with a great poster. Assign a small area to the QR code and prompt a user to scan it to visit the Google Playstore to download your Android app.

Final Words

These were the top ten features for you to include in your next Android application. You can incorporate them in your existing Android app as well. Check out the key 8 key reasons why your business should opt for Android app development.

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